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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

40 Tips for Hearing God's Voice

Guided Meditations for Hearing God's Voice Within You

Meditation Techniques and Exercises for Hearing God

If you sometimes feel uncertain what to think, say, or do in your life, these 40 techniques for receiving divine guidance and communication from God will help you put all the pieces together so you have a broad and in-depth understanding of hearing God's Voice in the world.
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Product Description

Hearing God's Voice is a multifaceted skill. There are many different ways to receive divine communication in the world. Candace and DavidPaul Doyle have spent the past 15 years studying the many different ways to hear God's Voice. To help you put all the pieces together and benefit from their time & dedication to mastering this skill, they have put together forty 8-10 minute talks on receiving divine guidance and communication in a wide variety of ways. Each audio tip includes an exercise for you to practice so you can master each of the 40 methods for hearing God's Voice in your life.

Listening to these 40 tips will provide you with tremendous insight and understanding for how to hear God's Voice in your life. More importantly, practicing these exercises will transform your insight and understanding into an actual experience of receiving clear guidance and communication from God in dozens of different ways.

If you sometimes feel uncertain what to think, say, or do in your life, these 40 tips and exercises for hearing God's Voice will help you to:

  • More clearly receive divine understanding and insight
  • Deepen your awareness of how you may already hear God's Voice and don't know it
  • Expand your awareness and understanding of God, yourself, and what it means to "hear God's Voice”
  • More consistently receive guidance and insight using signs and symbols
  • Use prayer more effectively to receive specific communication from God
  • Discern the difference between God's Voice and the ego
  • Strengthen your ability to be mindful throughout your day
  • More effectively quiet your mind
  • Love yourself more fully
  • Hear God's Voice more consistently at work and in your relationships
  • Receive communication from God while you sleep at night
  • Recognize God's Voice more easily in the media and while you watch TV
  • Listen to others with more insight and understanding
  • Share God's Voice out loud with others
  • Uncover your life's purpose
  • More easily hear God's Voice during difficult situations and challenges
  • Avoid needing to “hit bottom” in order to receive communication from God
  • Deepen your experience of Oneness with God
  • Release the mental and emotional barriers that keep you from receiving divine communication and guidance in your life
  • Hear God's Voice in ways you never thought possible
  • And much more...

If you have ever wondered how to hear God's Voice using all of the body senses and perceptions, how to more easily receive inner guidance and communication at work, in your relationships, and in all of your daily activities, 40 Tips for Hearing the Voice of God will help you bring it all together so you can more fully receive divine guidance and communication in all areas of your life.

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