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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Two Poems About the Newtown, CT School Killings


One Mind, One Pain He killed his mother And shot the children too What caused this deceit of suffering He could no longer bear   What would have made The difference between life and death Holy Child Your innocence remains […]

Insomnia, Refresh with the Holy Spirit to Manifest Holy Spirit

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For years I have been doing battle with insomnia. At first, my sleep time went from seven to six hours, then down to five hours. Now I can only sleep for a little over four hours a night. It has […]

Trust is the Foundation for Happiness

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How can I be happy in the world? This is the usually, unspoken, question behind most of the spiritual seeking in my life. Happiness was always the carrot that dangled in front of myopic eyes. It changed in size, shape, […]

When I Listened: Spirit Answers Life’s Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a proud and happy moment for me. As you know, the mission of The Voice for Love is to support and teach people how to connect with the divine wisdom, love, and consciousness within them to continually restore […]

A Step Away from Peace by John Ptacek


My friend John Ptacek is a wonderful spiritual teacher. Recently, he wrote a beautiful article on the importance of changing our relationship with our thoughts, something near and dear to my heart since it’s the foundation of what we teach […]

“Love is for Giving” by Nirmala


One day while I was looking at my books on Amazon, I noticed that a book called “Nothing Personal” was listed as one of the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” list for all 3 of my books. Intrigued, […]

Inspirational Messages and Art from Hannah Doyle


This past week, my wife, Candace, went away to the beach with some girlfriends, so it was just my daughter, Hannah, and I from Thursday to Sunday. When I woke up on Friday morning, Hannah had left me two notes […]

Love and Truth from Hannah Doyle


One night while watching TV I got a random burst of inspiration. I saw before me, in my mind, rows and rows of love. They were quotes of love that flowed eternally, and I thought that nothing like that could […]

One of My Favorite Radio Interviews Of All Time


Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing one of my most enjoyable radio interviews yet. I’ve probably done 50 interviews over the past several years. I always walk away feeling happy and joyful from every one. Speaking LIVE always […]

Ascension Meditation by Steve Hutchinson

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A long time member of The Voice for Love, Steve Hutchinson, sent this guided meditation to me. Steve imbues a tremendous amount of love and light into all of his guided meditations. If you enjoy guided meditations and affirmations, I […]