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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

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Sample Inspirational Quotes

When you truly love another without conditions, you will always know what to say or how to treat them, just as I do you.

God is incapable of anything but Love. Therefore, it is impossible that you could ever do anything that could keep God from loving you.

When you let your Light shine, you light the way for others. This is very easy to do since no bushel has ever been made that could ever cover a Light as bright as yours.

Love in the mind sees Love in the world. Love in the world means Love in the mind.

It is not possible to make a mistake, though it is possible to mistake an opportunity for a problem.

To Love another as yourself is the highest form of Love you can experience. It is the Love your Father has for you as he looks upon Himself in all that you do.

When True Peace is your only goal, you will always know what to do.

Love, laugh, sing, play. If you want to heal your mind, do these things every day, and there will be very little left to heal.

In the Presence of Love, all that isn't Love falls away, just as darkness disappears in the Light.

Being the Presence of Love is easier than you might think. One need not ever discern, but only Love.

Can there be any mistakes? If you think there can be, then you will surely see them.

Witness My Presence in your life. The more you do, the more present I will be. The more present I am, the more you will come to see that I Am the only Presence there is.

Beloved Child, your humor is my own. Let us laugh out loud together and celebrate our Oneness. When you hear your own laugh, you are hearing My Voice.

Love your neighbor as yourself. In so doing, you restore yourself to the One that I Am.

When you give another the freedom to follow their path, you will discover what your true path has always been.

To say that you are a Child of God, is to admit to yourself, "I am as God created. I am the alpha and the omega, and nothing I could ever do can change that Reality."

God's Love is the Source of Who you are. God's Love cannot change, and neither can You.

Love is always the answer. The forms may vary, but the answer is always Love. When only Love is exists, what else could the answer be?

When you doubt what you hear, know that I am with you. Feel my Presence, and ask again.

When you know Truth within you, you can see Truth in the world, no matter what another may tell you is happening.

God's Love is given to you, unending, unchanged, and unconditional, and only a thought keeps you from it.

When you truly know the Love that you are, there are no barriers to expressing it.

Can you allow the Love of God to be your entire Reality? It would be easier than the effort it takes to uphold the reality you now experience.

When you look deeply into the eyes of another, you will see My Vision gazing back at you.

When you love another for who they are, whatever they do or think is irrelevant. Welcome to the Reality of God.

See Holiness in the one in front of you, and you will know why you are here.

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