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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Guided Meditations For Experiencing Your Divine Self

Guided Meditations With God

Seventy-two Guided Meditations with Spirit

Close your eyes as you listen to these guided meditations with God and allow the gentle and loving words of Spirit guide your awareness ever deeper into the experience of your Divine Self.
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Product Description

Because we are all joined with the one Voice of God that exists within everyone, when you hear God's Voice out loud through another in the world, you simultaneously hear that Voice within yourself, instantly connecting you with Source and melting away the barriers that keep you from experiencing your Divine Self more fully in your life.

DavidPaul Doyle and Candace Doyle have been sharing this Voice of Love out loud for over 15 years. Out of the hundreds of inspirational and life-changing messages from Holy Spirit they have recorded over the years, these Guided Meditations have been carefully selected to help you…

  • Strengthen experience of connection and union with God
  • Deepen your experience of peace and love in your life
  • Further your understanding of spiritual truth and how to apply it, and
  • Directly experience the True Nature and Divine Self

These 72 meditations from Holy Spirit, through DavidPaul and Candace Doyle, total over 14 hours worth of recorded messages.

While these profound, live recordings from Spirit contain invaluable insight and understanding into the divine nature of Who and What you and God truly are, the real power of these guided meditations comes from the Source from which they are given and your willingness to join with that Source while listening to these guided meditations. By closing your eyes and allowing yourself to join with the Voice of God within you as you listen to these guided meditations, you give yourself the opportunity to consciously receive these words and messages deep within your heart and mind.

You will not only deepen your experience of hearing this Source within you by listening to these guided meditations, you will create an opening for these messages of truth and love to pour into your heart and mind in a profound and life-changing way.

If you want to ...

  • Transcend the world
  • Experience more happiness in your life
  • Recognize the divinity within all people
  • Remember your divine nature
  • Use the busyness of the world to awaken
  • Develop more consistency with your spiritual practices
  • See the world through God's eyes
  • Understand the connection between being and creation
  • Fulfill your life's purpose
  • Recognize your holiness
  • Discover your divine gifts
  • Uncover your heart's desire
  • See the presence of God in all things
  • Experience Oneness
  • Live heaven on earth
  • Strengthen your creativity
  • Let go of unnecessary rules on your spiritual path
  • Develop more consistently with your meditation practice, and
  • Experience Enlightenment

Close your eyes as you listen to these guided meditations with God and allow the words of Truth and Love gently guide your awareness ever deeper into the experience of your Divine Self!

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