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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Joyce Meyer and Hearing the Voice of God

Before we lay our praises upon Joyce Meyer, we want to let you know that we are not associated or affiliated with Joyce Meyer or Joyce Meyer Ministries. We are just huge fans of her work and want to support people in hearing God's Voice more fully in their lives.

Joyce Meyer is a true blessing to millions of people around the world who desire to deepen their relationship and communication with God. As a leading Christian evangelical teacher, Joyce Meyers demonstrates her deep and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Joyce Meyer is a testament that God speaks to each of us, regardless of our personal backgrounds or our challenges in life.

God speaks to each of us "exactly where we are."

What does that mean, "exactly where we are?"

It means that God speaks to us right where we are on our spiritual journey.The

Let me give you an example...

Imagine a row of seven people sitting in front of you: a 6-year-old child, a physicist, a Catholic priest, a rebellious teenager, a mother of five children, a farmer in Nigeria, and a New York police officer. Now imagine that each one of these people asks God the same exact question. The question could be anything. For example, what would be in my highest good to say or do as I walk past this beggar on the street? Or, what is my true purpose in life? Or, can I best be of service in the world? Is it my highest good to invest in the stock market? What should I say or do when someone yells at me or threatens me?

Regardless of which question is asked, do you know what each person is going to hear when they ask God the same question that everyone else asks?

Each person is going to hear something totally unique to them.

The 6-year-old child will not receive the same communication from God as the rebellious teenager, the Catholic priest, or the police officer. The mother of five children will hear something different than the physicist or the farmer in Nigeria. Each person has their own background, education, life experience, and beliefs. Each one is learning their own unique lessons in life. As a result, God will speak to each person "exactly where they are" on their path. One person may be learning about kindness or compassion, while another person may be learning about forgiveness, abundance, or self-empowerment. What one person needs to hear in this exact moment to re-connect with God and their True Self is most likely going to be different than what another person needs to hear. This is true for all of us.

In addition, we are constantly evolving and changing in our understanding and awareness. The lessons we were learning 10 years ago are most likely different from the lessons we are learning today. In fact, who we are in this moment is different than who we were three months ago, three weeks ago, and even three days ago. Each time we open up to a deeper understanding and experience of Love and Peace in our lives, the fabric of our mind changes. We could probably ask God the same question every year for the rest of our lives and receive a slightly different answer every time we ask because what we are learning and assimilating in each moment is different. What we need to hear right now to restore ourselves to God is unique to this moment alone.

Joyce Meyer shares God's Voice with millions of people all over the world in exactly the right way for them. But what if it were possible for YOU to hear God's Voice just as clearly and intimately as she does?

What if you could experience God's unconditional love for you EXACTLY AS YOU ARE?

What if you could learn to love yourself unconditionally, let go of ALL self judgment, fear, and guilt, and experience the freedom and peace of knowing that you remain exactly as God created you to be? What if you could learn how to hear God's Voice within you in a very clear and recognizable way so that you can receive the comfort, guidance, and healing that you seek in your life?

If you want a deeper and more consistent relationship with God, and if you want to hear God's voice within you is very clear and recognizable way, now is the time for you to believe that you are worthy and capable of hearing His voice in your life.

You have the ability right now to feel God's Presence within you, to ask God questions and receive His answers. Take a moment right now to acknowledge this truth. Take a moment right now to ask God to guide and direct you in your life. Take a moment right now to be still and listen to the voice of Holy Spirit within you.

God is waiting to speak with you. All that is required for you to hear His voice is your sincere desire to do so. Ask, it will be done.

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