The Voice for Love Embodiment and Certification Program

Module 1 Class 12 - Speaking God's Voice

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Class Handout and Homework Assignment

Class Agenda

Click here to download the class agenda.

Homework Assignment

1) Attend class or listen to the class record. Did you do this?

2) Practice going deeper with Steps 1-5 with your eyes closed for at least 15 minutes five days this week. Speak out loud for Step 4: Express God's Voice. Make sure you do Step 5 thoroughly. Did you do this?

3) Journal about your experience practicing Steps 1-5. Write down any questions that arise while you practice throughout the week. Share your journaling in the space provided below. Did you do this?

4) Take at least 15 minutes to practice going deeper with Steps 1-5 with your partner over Skype or phone. Mute yourselves over Skype, practice speaking out loud, and share your experiences with one another afterwards. Did you do this?

Please Note: If you cannot connect with your partner this week for any reason, contact your mentor and do this with him or her instead.

5) Submit your homework to Jim Abbott via e-mail and cc DavidPaul, Candace, and your mentor. Did you do this?

Click here to download Module 1 Class 12 Homework.doc.


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