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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Becoming a Volunteer

Thank you for visiting our volunteer's page. We are continually looking for qualified people who would like to support The Voice for Love Foundation in spreading peace and love throughout the world. Your contribution of time, energy, and love really make a difference.

Volunteers can offer their services on a 1-time basis, an ongoing regular basis, or as needed.

Current Needs

1. Web Master: If you are a web developer or web master and would like to volunteer your time to support, develop, and expand our website resources, we would be grateful!

2. Marketing:There are so many ways to spread the teachings of how to hear God's Voice. Each opportunity reaches a different part of the world. We are looking for someone who is creative, passionate, and who would enjoy creating and implementing various marketing and promotional initiatives along with us. The more people who become aware of this work, the more peace and joy we bring to the world.

3. Phone Calls: Our primary book distributor, New Leaf Distributing, sells books to spiritual book stores across the country. They have provided us with a list of all of their customers. We are looking for volunteers to help contact book buyers to inform them about The Voice for Love and its availability with New Leaf Distributing.

4. Customer Support: We would be grateful to have support in answering the phone and replying to people's questions and feedback.

5. Anything else you would enjoy doing! We would appreciate any time and energy you can contribute.

To become a volunteer, please contact us below:

The Voice for Love
P.O. Box 3125
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 488-0426
love [at]

Thank you for your support!

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"Thank You! I am really overwhelmed by your 30-Day Course on how to hear the Voice of God! THIS is what I have been waiting for, and I'm only on Lesson 11! I now have the Inner Peace I've been seeking for the past 51 years!"
- Jan Westerhof, Holland
"I personally found your instructions on how to quiet the mind chatter and get in touch with the Voice of the Spirit to be the most helpful and transformative I've ever been given."
- Rev. Georgie Richardson, Unity Church of Salem, OR
"The Doyle's 30-Day Course on hearing God's Voice will change your life. The act of DOING these exercises, rather than listening to them, really brings the experience home. The Presence of God is now with me at all times, and I can call on this Voice throughout my day!"
- Donna Slawsky, New York