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Listening to the Holy Spirit

For Holy Spirit
Foundation for the Holy Spirit by Regina Don Akers
By David Hoffmeister, Cincinnati OH

Community Miracles Center - CMC was formed in San Francisco, CA in 1987. It's web site serves the worldwide ACIM community. CMC hosts large international ACIM conferences in San Francisco. CMC sells the largest and most diverse collection of ACIM literature available anywhere through its web site. The CMC was formed and is still organized by Rev. Tony Ponticello and Rev. Larry Bedini. Email: Phone: (415) 621-2556
By Rev Jon Mundy PhD, Campbell Hall NY

Awakening Artistry - The Art of Living Your Dreams - Coaching, workshops, books and resources dedicated to career change and support for living your most meaningful self-expression in work, love and the creative life. Based on the work of Tama J. Kieves, leading career coach, international teaching catalyst, and bestselling author of THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love/How One Harvard Lawyer Left it All to Have it All. - The Miracle Network is a United Kingdom-Registered Charity, acting as an umbrella organisation for all things related to ACIM in the UK.

Circle of Atonement
By Robert Perry, Sedona AZ

Fearless Books
By D. Patrick Miller, Berkeley CA

The Light of God Leads Me Home
Rev. Myron Jones in Lake Charles, LA.
By David Fishman, Yonkers NY
MiraclesOne Foundation/Revs. Paul & Deborah Phelps, Madison, WI. 30 Day Programs and Tools for “Living the Spirit-Life”

The Miracles of Center Online
By Rev. Tony Senf and Susan Haberland, Cleveland, OH
By Revs. Mary and Robert Stoelting, Kiel WI

Simply Being
A Wonderful Course in Miracles Blog

ACIM St. Louis
A Course In Miracles (ACIM) activities in the St. Louis area.


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"Thank You! I am really overwhelmed by your 30-Day Course on how to hear the Voice of God! THIS is what I have been waiting for, and I'm only on Lesson 11! I now have the Inner Peace I've been seeking for the past 51 years!"
- Jan Westerhof, Holland
"I personally found your instructions on how to quiet the mind chatter and get in touch with the Voice of the Spirit to be the most helpful and transformative I've ever been given."
- Rev. Georgie Richardson, Unity Church of Salem, OR
"The Doyle's 30-Day Course on hearing God's Voice will change your life. The act of DOING these exercises, rather than listening to them, really brings the experience home. The Presence of God is now with me at all times, and I can call on this Voice throughout my day!"
- Donna Slawsky, New York
ss="testimonial_i_name">- Colin Corkill, New Zealand