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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

You Are the Chosen One


Last week, I shared a message that one of our certification students received from Holy Spirit called God is Proceeding. This week, I have another one that will speak directly to You as “The Chosen One.” Below is the e-mail that one of our certification students recently sent to me and her fellow certification classmates. I loved it! And I think you will too…

“Dear all,

I wanted to share something with you, a message that I got from Holy Spirit that seems to be for all of you. I wrote what I experienced below. I hope you enjoy it!

I was asking the holy spirit the other day what they would like to tell me. It told me ‘ You are the chosen one’. This message continued for a couple of days.

I was feeling so egoistic.
Who is telling me this.
This must be the Ego’s voice, and I was supposed to be hearing the H.S.’s voice. (Holy Spirit’s voice)
So I just ignored.
I was feeling so bad about this.

O.K., I am not getting deep enough into the feeling God’s voice, so that’s why I ‘m not hearing the H.S. and instead, ego’s voice.

So after a couple of days later when I heard this message again, I asked the voice, ‘Who are you, and why do you keep on giving me that message? You sound so egoistic and I don’t want it. I want the voice of the Holy spirit.’
But then it told me something like this.

‘It is us, and we are telling it to you again. You are the chosen one, and this is not egoistic at all. Because you ARE the chosen one. YOU ARE the CHOSEN ONE to be there, to be love and to be the light. And that is your responsibility. To know that you are the chosen one. Don’t worry about being egoistic. You tell us, “If I’m the chosen one, how about the others? This is like elitism. I thought everybody was equal and one, and there is no chosen or special…Everybody is special.” Yes. And yet, you are responsible to know that you are the chosen one. And the others, yes, they are the chosen ones as well. But it is THEIR responsibility to know that they are the chosen ones, choose to be the chosen one, choose to be the love and light of the universe.

Here, I am talking to YOU, that you are the chosen one, and the H.S.is talking to each one of them telling that THEY ARE the chosen ones. If they have the ear, they will listen. So please not fear or feel bad about what I tell you, that you are the chosen one because YOU ARE. You are the love and you are the light.

When I shared this message with my partner (her fellow student partner in class), she asked me what it meant for me to be the chosen one. For me, it means it is okay. It is Okay to BE ME. I asked her as well, and she gave me a beautiful answer. I think it is a nice thing to ponder about during this time of the year!

Love to you all,