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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Will My Sons and I Be Okay?


Mary Jo: “I just need to know that my two sons and I will be okay spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. I worry every minute of the day about us since my husband passed away, and I ask God for His blessings.”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, indeed you and your boys will be fine. It is difficult to imagine at this point, and yet, it is true. You couldn’t have imagined that you would be fine today if you could have looked into your future, and yet, in truth, you are fine today. Your boys are lucky to have their wonderful mother and all your love.

“It would be most helpful to all of you to stop worrying and to start trusting. Not blind trust that leaves you helpless and hoping that things will work out. But true trust that comes from deep within that allows you to know and believe with all your heart that everything will be ok. You don’t need to know how things will be okay, but you do need to know that they will be okay. This is the time for you to develop true faith. Faith in the universe, faith in love, faith that things always work out in the end, faith that things are as they should be, faith that there are no accidents, faith that you are loved and safe, faith that all is well. Yes, this is a leap and yet, now is the time to take it. Start talking to God more frequently, share your troubles and concerns, and know that you are always being heard.

“It is important that your boys see you trusting rather than fearing. They look to you to know that they are going to be okay. Reassure yourself in your heart and mind, and then reassure them. How could anything else be possible in a loving universe? And this must be a loving universe because indeed, everything works out perfectly in the end. Please know that you are loved and that God adores you and your boys.

“Blessings to you, precious one.”