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Getting Over a Break-Up

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Arthur: “I was in a relationship wherein I finally realized I was just being used. We broke up and I am having a hard time forgiving her and the situation. How do you forgive someone that really, really hurt you? Especially when it seems that ever since we broke up, her life is being blessed while I am still hurting.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, thank you for opening your heart to the blessing of Spirit and for input about forgiveness. Please understand that there is never anything that happens to you that is not for your growth and blessing. This is hard to accept when you experience hurt, especially emotional hurt.

“It seems to you that the one who hurt you is now receiving a blessing. Beloved, she is not being blessed for hurting you! Please allow yourself to rise above this petty thinking. Allow yourself to know that she as a soul is also evolving, growing and learning.

Only a thought–your own perception about what has happened can hurt you. What has happened has happened. It is done. It is past. Only your thoughts–such as those along the lines that something should have been different in some way–allow feelings of being hurt to remain with you and continue to trouble you. Begin to give thanks to God for this experience, and ask that love soften your heart and allow forgiveness to flood over you. Allow the love of God to wash over you completely and wash away harsh feelings and the need to hold on to hurt. Allow hurts to be washed away by this flood of love.

“You are truly loved and treasured beyond measure and beyond your understanding. Whatever this person did cannot erase the vast love that exists and that you are, in truth. Of course, the same love exists for her as well. You would prefer that she suffer in some way for hurting you – but she also is a beloved Child of God, finding her own way. Do not judge her. She is acting from the level of understanding she currently has. Later she will know more, and she will act from a higher level.

“What level will you act from? How much love will you allow in your life? How happy do you want to be? All your happiness is still waiting for you. If you have learned to value yourself more highly and to be more discerning in your future relationships, then this has been a wonderful lesson, has it not? Allow the blessings and healing that this lesson holds for you to be accepted by your heart and mind. Don’t blame yourself, either! Accept that everything has happened exactly as it ‘had to’ happen. It is now past and the lessons can be sought and blessed.

“All is well! Do not hold this hurt any longer, Beloved. Let it go and get on with your most wonderful life.”