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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Call?

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Mahalia: “I have been in my current job for almost five years now and I am applying for other positions but nothing comes my way. I am praying and thanking God every time for my breakthrough but nothing comes. It is my cry that I obey Him, be faithful to Him, but how can I do that while He is not answering my call? How will I know that He cares for me? I need prayer for deliverance from poverty, backwardness, lack of promotion at work, and debt.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, thank you for being open to receive guidance from Spirit. You have such a loving, open heart. There is no need for you to struggle. Please begin to let your heart be at ease. You know of God’s love for you. You know that you love Him. Beloved One, this is all that is needed.

“Are you giving thanks every day for the position you already have? Do you pray every morning that you may be kept in His loving care during the day? Please rest in His love. There is nothing to fear.

“God is not watching your every motion to see whether or not you are obeying Him. God knows your loving heart. He only wants your happiness. He is not judging you; He is blessing you. Please do not believe that He is angry with you when you do not see the things you believe you need. Please do not try to force God into a mold that you make for Him! Can you trust Him to provide all that is needed, in divine timing and in His own way? Can you rest in this trust and let your mind begin to relax?

“You are praying for deliverance from your present situation. Beloved One, please begin to give thanks for your life each day, for the food you have to eat, for the friends and family who are by your side and love you. Ask to be shown a higher way, and listen patiently for answers. These answers may not be the ones you believe you need; but they will be the ones that will slowly but surely lead to a better life.

“Allow yourself time each day to simply sit and feel the love of God washing over you. Let your heart open and let your mind open to His light and love. Gradually you will come to see that you are much more than your job, your interests and even your opinions of yourself. You are simply His beloved Child, the extension of His love. Breathe in the love of God into your whole being. This is your true identity.

“Continue faithfully to pray to be shown how you can have a better life. Say, ‘Dear God, I know that You love me. Help me to be aware of Your love as I go through my day. Lead me to those whom I will bless with my presence. Lead me and teach me how to serve You in everything I do. Bless me and open my heart wider and wider so that I may be a blessing to those You send my way. Lead me to the people and places and experiences that will be for my highest good.’

“Be faithful; be patient; be full of trust. God has a wonderful future planned for you! All is well, Beloved.”