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Why Does God Let My Husband Suffer?

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Suzanne: “My husband has been waiting for a kidney transplant for over two years. He and our family are suffering greatly. Personally, I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I have asked many people to pray for him and to pray that he gets the transplant soon. Why is God ignoring our pleas and prayers for a transplant? Why is God letting my husband suffer?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, we know your pain and yet we want you to know that your love for your husband is the richest gift of medicine that could ever be given to and through both of you. Now you are learning that your bond is your eternal love for each other, under what seems to be the most dire of circumstances. The truth is that all of you have experienced a wonderful and growing awareness of love through your existence in this life’s drama.

“It would be helpful to you at this time, to share together your feelings of love and your memories of your lives together. Make it a daily challenge to share at least one thing from your experiences for which you are grateful. It matters not if that event or thing was great or small or anywhere in between in your experience. Just share it and express how you are grateful for it and the blessing it gave to you. If you wish, write down these memories and express your gratitude in written words, including how it made you feel then and how you feel about it now.

“Be assured that you and your husband are most valued by the Sonship of God. You are incredibly loved. You have lived your lives well, in spite of fears you have encountered. This time of unknowing is no exception. Be at peace with unknowing, as it is truly the condition of all humans. In the unknowing of each coming moment lies your eternal self and its acceptance of your life’s plan. And so it is with your husband. You are not being punished. Both of you are beloved of God and not apart from God. Your life plan will unfold as intended by your highest reality, but acceptance of both unknowing and all aspects of life’s journey will bring you peace and the space to express your love.

“Be at peace now, for you are safe. Your husband is always safe also. You are loved, you are love, and that is eternal.”