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Why Do Those Who Lie And Cheat Get What They Want?

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Maya: “I have a question for you. Why is it that the people who lie, cheat and steal get what they want? But when it comes to the strong, pure-hearted people, we don’t get what we want until it’s too late?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, you are feeling wronged in this moment, wronged in a way that denies, or seems to deny, who you are. You see another receiving what appears to be what he wants while you see yourself appear to not receive what you want, or receiving it too late. Let us together extend much love to these thoughts. For you see, these are simply thoughts: the wanting, the receiving or not receiving what is wanted, the idea of too late. All of these are thoughts which arise for one sole purpose, and that is to be healed.

“Let us see your thoughts coming to you for blessing – one by one, lining up, just waiting for your blessing. Here, the thought has arrived, ‘You get what you want, but I do not.’ This thought of envy is rarely blessed. Let us together, now, extend blessing to this thought. We need not change it, shut it up, nor react in any way other than to bless. Indeed, this can be done to all thoughts, feelings and circumstances. You may simply extend love to them. When you are able to practice extending love, you discover that you do not need your thoughts to change or go away in order to experience peace.

“For you are a being of light and courage and strength. You have the ability to listen and trust your own heart, if you are willing to practice listening. You can learn what the desire of your own heart is and pursue this in great joy. In this process you will see that it matters much less to you what others are wanting or how they go about getting what they want. You will eventually live in such peace you will truly bless all in their endeavors while simultaneously blessing your own. Know that you always have a choice. You always get to choose what you extend to any thought, person or situation. You can choose to see the person or situation as an opportunity to extend love or you can see the person or situation as an opportunity to extend fear and distrust. Either one is fine, for it will not change your true being. But it will most definitely change your experience of your being, yourself, your heart.

“You are always having the experience you want. Listen to this answer with much gentleness. In your heart you are actually not capable of giving yourself what you do not want. It may appear on the surface this is so, but it is not. Even if you are experiencing pain or lack of peace, simply ask, ‘Why have I brought this to myself? How can this be a gift? What flavor of love can I extend to myself for giving myself this amazing, inexplicable gift?’ And then listen again.

“Dear One, give yourself the time to sit in stillness each day and be with your own heart. Ask yourself each morning, ‘What do I want today? How can I follow my own heart today?’ Then listen for what will most surely come up into your awareness. Even five minutes spent each morning will bear much fruit, for you are showing yourself that YOU matter most to you. This is the blessing you can give yourself. Each morning give five uninterrupted minutes to giving thanks and listening to your own heart. It will surely guide you into the experience you most desire. Follow the peace and see where it leads you.”