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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Why Do I Keep Manifesting Financial Struggle?


Scott: “I have studied many spiritual materials like A Course in Miracles and I do experience a great sense of well-being. My relationships are more honest and loving, and I feel blessed and connected in most aspects of my life. However, financially I have continued to manifest struggles and letdowns and severe cash flow limitations. Why do I keep struggling in this one area?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, thank you for this dear question, and for all you have manifested in your life now of love and kindness and meaning. You are indeed on your path and learning well. We commend and recognize where you are and honor you for your deep service to the Awakening.

“How truly wonderful and heartening to experience the love and ease and sweetness that are possible in human relationships. What a gift to you and those you love, and how truly you are treasuring this gift. It is the reflection of your clarity and understanding that you are having this experience. The fact that in material matters you are having a different experience, one of ambivalence and struggle, is also a reflection. In these matters you have ambivalence, therefore you are having ambivalent results.

“It is a common belief that the spiritual and the material cannot co-abide, that the material has nothing to do with the spiritual and vice versa. That a ‘spiritual person’ will not care about material things, and that a ‘material person’ cannot be spiritual. This is a convincing argument in your world, seemingly proven by the ascetic lives of past saints and masters.

“Where does the material fit in, you may ask. Is it spiritual to want material things, to succeed in material efforts, to have more than is strictly necessary to live? Will this not create temptation and indulgence? If you were to have material prosperity, would you become less spiritual? All of these questions are asked in your world. You have great clarity about the value of loving kindness toward people and in relationships. Can you extend this same understanding to the world of form?

“All things are to be loved, for if you are Love (and you are), then what else can Love do? Love can only extend love. Love does not fear extending love to anything. Here is the next phase of your learning. You have entered the classroom by asking your question. Now let Holy Spirit teach you.

“Let go of the meaning you give money. It is not your survival; to believe so is to imbue it with power it does not have. All things of form are neutral and only have the meaning you give them. See money differently. What is something beloved in your life that you can model this seeing on? When you love an animal, a beloved dog whom you care for, who lives in your home, who brings you pleasure and companionship, there is no ambivalence. You receive the gift of its companionship and do not resent its limitations. So too with money – love it for what it does for you, how it serves your life. Welcome it, call it to you, befriend it. See it not as a ‘necessary evil’ but as something that can give to you and meet your needs. Think of it as longing to serve you, play with you, and bring you joy.

“The push-pull you are experiencing can only be a reflection of your own ambivalent feelings, for you are always experiencing the product of your own thoughts and beliefs. The world is but a canvas on which you are painting, a screen on which you are projecting. Ask Holy Spirit to help you write a new story where money is concerned, so that you may enjoy a new movie on your screen.

“You have come so far in love, Precious One. This is simply the next lesson, the next knowing. Be at peace about this issue. Sit with your eyes closed in a space of silence and breathe in the knowing that you are loved. Let it fill you and reach every cell in your body. Then breathe out all your anxiety about material matters. Breathe in the all-is-well-ness that you have learned in relationships, and breathe out, let go of, any all-is-not-well-ness you are holding onto at any level about anything. Ask Holy Spirit to bring you clarity and understanding and to show you the way to peace. This is the starting place for a new perspective and a new creation. ‘A miracle is a change in perception,’ as you know. Ask for the miracle here.

“You are willing, you are strong, you are open. These are your gifts to the world. Keep going and do not falter, for even more gifts await, to give and to receive. You are greatly loved.”