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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Stop Watching so Much Television


Isabel: “I feel very blessed in my life. I am able to do work that I love helping people, have more than enough time and money, a wonderful house, friends and family, and most of all, God has placed me on a spiritual path that is beyond words. Yet even though I feel so grateful for all of this, instead of practicing on this path and taking the time to listen to God, I am wasting too much time watching television at night. I cannot find the love or responsibility or discipline to stop doing this so much. I am feeling very frustrated. Can you help me?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, you are greatly loved. We love your dear heart and your sweet gratitude for all you have. It is a beautiful thing to be grateful and to love your life. You are indeed on a virtuous path, that is, the virtues of appreciation and blessedness and being of help to others are all in your grasp already. You know these things and you live them.

“Know, too, that all things in your experience are neutral and have only the meaning you give them. You give your wonderful friends, family, home and life their blessedness by loving and appreciating them as you do. It is when you judge something that it becomes a negative experience, a burden, a problem. For you see, even something such as watching television is actually neutral. You are bringing the meaning of ‘waste of time’ to it.

“There are other ways of seeing this activity: for instance, it could be seen as a blessed way to relax at the end of the day… an enjoyable pastime… something that brings relief to a weary or lonely heart. All of these are possibilities. Feel the judgment of ‘waste of time,’ the contempt, the devaluing of your dear self in those words. Your first task is to remove the judgment, for this is like wiping the grime from a window so that you may see through it more clearly. If watching television is neither good nor bad, but merely an activity to choose or not choose, what then?

“Please free yourself first. Release yourself from this judgment first and return to the point of choice: Here is time, yours to use as you wish — what do you wish to do? We would say, simply be conscious of your choice, whatever it is, and make it wholeheartedly. The pain comes not in what you are doing with your time, but in how you judge yourself for it.

“And if you cannot remove the judgment from this activity, then ask yourself (gently, kindly), ‘Is there something I am not looking at? Am I using this activity to not see something that is in fact bothering me? Is there an unmet need, an ungrieved loss, an unexplored opportunity? Is there something in me that needs my own attention?’ For you see, dear one, if there is dissatisfaction in this activity, that is your alert. Something in you is asking for your attention. Your life is full of blessings, yes, and you have counted them well. Now turn your gaze within and be an explorer; tune into the channel of You.

Pray and ask God to help you see clearly. Know that you are dearly loved in every moment. Be as kind unto you as you are to those you love. Something is stirring within you. Open your heart to you, and heed your own call.

“Thank you for your question and your quest.

“Blessings to you, Precious One.”