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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Why Am I Not Succeeding In My Business?

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Patel: “God made me an ambitious person. I learned almost everything about capital markets. I tried desperately to raise funds to start my business. I failed. I have read a lot of business books and tried to use that knowledge to act as a consultant. I failed to get clients. Now I am insolvent and working part-time along with my studies. All my work in my internship office is error-prone and my boss no longer trusts me to do a job well. I am fed up with failing. I don’t even remember when the last time I had succeeded in anything. When will I receive the rewards of these many attempts in various fields?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, thank you for taking the time to pause and ask for direction. This is our greatest joy to spend any moment with you in this way.

“You have asked a most interesting question for you are as sure that success is what follows after hard work as you are that the sun rises after dark. You have a particular view, a narrow view, of what success will look like. Take time each morning to sit quietly with your thoughts of what success will look like. Notice the many pictures that come into your mind. Sit quietly with these pictures and notice all that is in them. Is there happiness? Peace? Strength? A new car or house? You are seeing through one small lens into your very big life.

“Seeing through the eyes of success/failure is only one way to see. Allow your heart eyes. What does your heart see? This is a message from your heart: Givers gain. You have lived under the assumption that hard work gains. And also that trying gains. Allow your heart to have a say. In order for this to happen you must give yourself time to listen and to hear. Sit quietly each morning and hear the message of your heart Givers gain.

“In giving, your heart is allowed to extend itself. In giving, you see that receiving or working for success is only one view. Imagine seeing success as a giving attitude. Giving of your heart and self may lead to work and it may also lead to play. Giving to yourself and others may lead to success and it may also lead to opportunity to learn and grow. Give to yourself the truth of allowance and trust. Listen to your heart’s great desire to give. Ask yourself: How will I practice giving today?