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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Why Am I Always Depressed without Any Reason?


Tej: “Why am I always in depression without any reason?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious one… Please know that depression—or anything else—doesn’t happen without a reason. Just because there are no external circumstances that would ’cause’ depression, does not mean that there is not a cause. Depression is ultimately caused by the way you think about things and the way you relate to things. For example, if you see depression as bad and hopeless, rather than as an opportunity to correct something in your life, then your thinking is not serving you. If you live in fear, wallow in guilt, take things personally, feel like a victim, etc, then your thinking is not serving you.

“Use this as an opportunity to change the way you view life. Make it your job every day to think about something that bothers you, and find a way to see the good in it or the gift in it. You are in the habit of relating to things in a painful way, but this is only a habit and can be broken and changed. Make it a habit to find gifts in events that arise in your life, to find gifts in the stories you hear in your community and in the news. It is time to train yourself to see differently, just like looking for an image in a 3D picture. It takes time and patience, but with a subtle shift in focus, the image comes to life.

“Know that depression can be lifted naturally, and that you have all you need to do it! Change your thinking—change your life. Start today to shift your focus and know that love conquers all.”