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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Who Am I?

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Amy: “The question is a big one so bear with me: Who am I? I’m so uncomfortable around people, my family, myself, every one. I’m so stuck in my world and I know it’s me doing it. I’m not courageous about taking myself into my own hands and doing right by myself. And if I don’t even know who I am, how can I show any level of feeling for the guy I’m with when I need to understand and figure myself out first? I’m leaving to go to school in a different state, so maybe I should just let him go anyway. What am I supposed to do about all this?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, to ask who you truly are is a question of utmost importance, and we bless and praise you for asking it. You are indeed the divine and holy child of God, although you do not feel the reality of this truth. You are a being of light and Love who has chosen to inhabit a physical body and walk the human plane for a little while, and yet your conscious awareness is far away from this truth.

“What would be different if you walked in the shoes of who you truly are, if you knew your strength, innocence, perfection, holiness, the wonder of your true divine nature, the wholeness and completeness of your true Self? Would you walk with more confidence, joy and trust? Would you be less afraid or, perhaps, not afraid at all? Might you see problems as opportunities to be open, to love, to give, comfort and help because you know that your Love is of infinite supply? Would you be emboldened to take the actions that would most enhance your life instead of clinging to half-answers and partial solutions?

“If you could but see yourself as we do, as the being of crowning glory that you are, you would never suffer a moment’s doubt or fear again. You would only smile and your heart would be light as a feather in all things. Seeing yourself in this way is a slow awakening, however. This is the journey of the spiritual being traversing the earth, a slow awakening unto truth. You do not have to become whole and complete, rather you simply need awaken, slowly, to the knowing that you already are. Yet this awakening can occur only a little at a time, at the pace that your presently weary heart can take it in. Know that your heart will get stronger as you go.

“Your own Holy Spirit within you knows the perfect timetable of your awakening. You are being led by the hand through this temporary dream and can trust that each circumstance and experience is like the ring of the alarm clock. Do not fear that you will be left behind or left out, that you are the exception to this journey, or that you will never awaken from your nightmare because you have done something wrong or gone too far. This is not possible. Your future is assured because your journey back to your true home has already been charted and set.

“God loves exactly as you are. There is nothing you have to change or prove to rest in this certainty. Should you set out on the course you have planned? Are you safe? Yes, always! You are taking yourself in hand because you have been led to do so. These uncomfortable stirrings you are experiencing, these questions you are asking, are the signs that you are hearing the alarm clock of awakening. Your eyes are just beginning to open. Be glad, do not be disheartened. God is with you, indeed, He is cheering you on. Go forth in peace and be not afraid of your life.”