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Whispers of Hope: Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace

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Whispers of HopeThere is a new book coming out on March 1 that I wanted to give you a sneak peek of. Written by Denise Cunningham, a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) the book is called “Whispers of Hope: Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace.

Whispers of Hope is a story of a woman who overcame generational patterns of abuse, addiction, suicide, and cancer. The turning point in her life happened when, despite her intent to not repeat the past, she caught herself screaming at her three-year-old daughter. Something made her stop long enough to look into her daughter’s eyes and see fear. At that moment Denise made a conscious choice to do something different. She told herself, “The abuse stops here.”

If you are interested in setting down the baggage from your past to experience more peace, joy, and love in your life, I encourage you to read the excerpts below. As Denise says, “You are not broken and you are not alone. There is hope in all situations. It is whispering all the time. Are you ready to hear its messages?”

For more information about the book, visit the Spiritual Authors Circle Community website.

Excerpts from Whispers of Hope: Transcending Abuse, Cancer and Divorce to Embrace Peace.

Excerpt 1:

“When I began this book I had no idea how profoundly I would be impacted by the writing of it. What started out as a process of recording some of the events of my life, with the intent to help others heal, turned into a generational love story. ACIM talks about miracles being a shift in perception from fear to love. In that context, writing this book was a miracle. Healing occurred for me, at a deeper level than it ever had before, as I revisited my past with new eyes. Through honouring the experiences of my family, I saw how love was waiting patiently for me to claim it all the time. From being reunited with my mom before her death, to my mom and dad being reunited in death, to me being reunited energetically with my ancestors through something as simple as researching my genealogy, I was able to move from anger to forgiveness. And beyond that to an experience of gratitude and grace. I transcended the sadness and the pain of my past and learned to fly. Contrary to my expectations, it was not a solo flight. I carry my ancestors’ wisdom and experience on my wings energetically, no longer with the heavy energy of fear and blame, but rather with the lightness of love and innocence.”

Are there any areas in your life where a shift in perception could reveal the love that is patiently waiting for you?

Excerpt 2:

Expansion Rather Than Contraction of the Heart

Asking the ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions expand my heart in love rather than contracting it in fear. It is in the expansion that I can reach and teach others. It is in this place I find joy, because it is here that I am extending joy to others. ACIM teaches that the only thing missing in any situation is what we are not giving to it.

As I gained more experience in balancing my head and my heart, it became easier for me to open my heart and trust that everything that came into my life was in some way for my highest good. Nothing was being done to me; rather, circumstances for growth were being offered to me. The trust was not dependent on the actions of others. The ultimate trust was about me and recognizing I had the resources within me to handle whatever life might dish up.

In all situations I had the option of expanding my heart in love or contracting it in fear. The choice was mine regardless of what was going on around me. I found it is possible to stand calm and solid in the centre of my world while life storms all around me. Not only is it possible, it is necessary if I want to experience lasting peace. Standing calmly and solidly requires that I know the Truth of who I am and what I stand for. It requires a remembrance that I am not alone on this journey.

An expanded heart is a soft place. It is a welcoming, open energy. There is an opportunity to connect with others and your higher Self in that place. By contrast, a contracted heart gives the clear message of “do not enter”. The channels of giving and receiving are pinched off and life force energy gets blocked. In the Eastern naturopathic traditions there are seven major chakras (energy centres) in the body that are located from the crown of the head to the tip of the tail bone. The heart chakra is in the middle, with three chakras above it and three chakras below it. The heart chakra is often considered the centre of the human energy system, where the energy of the Divine meets the human part of us. Keeping the heart expanded and open allows us to access the Divinity within us and receive higher wisdom, and it gives us a grounded place from which to nurture ourselves and others.”

Is your heart centre expanded or contracted? What and where is your centre and how do you know when you are there?