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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

When Others Reject Our Help

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Grace: “Our sister recently had a mastectomy and is currently undecided as to whether she should receive chemotherapy. She has also had marital problems for a number of years now, and this adds to her stress and anxiety. As her siblings we are at a loss as to how to help because she finds it very difficult to open up and share her thoughts and feelings with others, especially family members. We do not understand her at all. How can we help?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, thank you for your loving concern for your sister. I can hear your own deep anxiety for her and the sadness and despair. You have given much thought to how you can help your dear one and are feeling very frustrated at what feels to you a lack of understanding on her part to open up and be healed.

“In truth, she is quite terrified at all that is happening to her. She needs only your gentleness and understanding at this time. The best treatments for her will happen or not happen as is best for her. This burden of choice is not yours, nor is it really hers. I am guiding and caring for her, for you, for your entire family. Fear not this process of illness and change. It is not here to harm and destroy but to awaken.

“Your sister is a precious child of God as are you, my dear. You have done nothing wrong. There are no decisions that have been made that are final. There are no decisions that will change everything. Allow this time of hopeless frustration to bubble over. It is as it needs to be. You can help yourself by being gentle with your own self at this time.

“You are worried for and by your sister. Take time today for gentleness. Take time to sit quietly with a cup of tea and breathe. All is well. All will be well. Let yourself simply love your sister where she is, whether she chooses chemotherapy or not, whether her marriage survives or not, whether she lives in illness or health. You are not responsible. You may give yourself permission to simply express your love and gratitude for your sister, for your family, for your own self. This is a time of very loud sounds and glaring happenings. Fear not. I am with you. You are not going through this alone.

“Be of good cheer. Laughter and indeed loving are the very best medicine you can offer, both to your sister and to yourself. Watch movies that make you laugh, tell stories, share memories, all for this pure pleasure of laughing, giggling, and bubbling over with love. Let this be the course of treatment you all follow. Let this be the radiating joy that is needed.

“Thank you, my dear one, for your concerns and for coming with such an open heart. You and all your family are truly beloved.”