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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

When Intimacy is Lacking

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Wilson: “Please help me to understand my relationship with my wife. I would like to know how to assist her to love me in a way that allows for physical contact between us. I do not know if she was abused in the past but I suspect it. It is a deep seated idea or belief that is causing this separation between us?”

The Voice for Love: “My dearest one, thank you, firstly, for the dear love you have for your wife and your desire to have a more healed and whole relationship with her. Though it is the physical aspect of love that appears to be missing, truly it is the deeper joining and intimacy that it represents.

“Now let us join together in contemplation of your wife, without resistance. Let us simply sit together now, in this moment, and extend to her our acceptance of her exactly as she is. Let us extend that same acceptance to the situation of your relationship as it presently appears. Let us simply extend acceptance. Close your eyes, be very still, and breathe. Allow yourself to sink deeply into your heart center. Bring your wife to mind and grant her the full acceptance of who she is in this moment. This is the gift you may give her – complete and unconstricted acceptance.

“You fear doing this, much as you sense it is loving to do so, because you think it means she and the situation will never change. But my dear one, it cannot change unless you do this. Yes, you are frustrated, full of longing, needing to connect in a physical way, needing to join and express. You feel crippled, hampered, shorn of something essential, left out, burdened, fearful nothing will change. Yet if you keep your focus on what you do not have, then what you do not have must remain so, for you have decreed it.

“This is not trickery of words or cleverness. This is the power that resides within you. For your true roots are divine; you are not a creature of sticks and glue. The essence of God reverberates in every cell of your being. Yet you must acknowledge this truth to experience it. You must see yourself this way. You are innocent; you are divine; you are powerful. And so is your beloved one.

“Why then must you both have the experience of this limited relationship? There is purpose in this time; see it not as a mistake or a falling short of what “should” be. The experiences of the two of you are fit together like side by side puzzle pieces. Within you is the very care and compassion that she has most needed for her journey thus far. You have been as the gentle boat carrying her along in safety. Yes, you are chafing at this role now. Please extend acceptance to your own self and feelings, too.

“You do not need to eject your wife from this boat of safety in which she has dwelt with you. As you extend acceptance, she will feel increasingly open and safe enough to explore her own experience more deeply. I do not ask of you that you sacrifice yourself, your life, your desires, to the well-being of another. I only ask that you extend true acceptance to her and yourself and this situation so that freedom can arise like the incoming tide and take you both some place new, fresh, spacious, clean. It is what you both want, for it is your true nature to want completeness, wholeness, love and healing.

“Start with acceptance, my dear one. I only ask this of you because you can give it. I would not ask of you what you cannot give or do. Give genuine and heartful acceptance to her, to yourself, to the situation, to what is lost, to what might be found. Acceptance is letting go of anything that is not reality in THIS moment. Acceptance allows what is, right now, to be as it is without argument or judgment. All experience is given you as a gift; open the gift by accepting your experience fully.

“Acceptance transports you to a place of peace and oneness. From there you can see clearly, you can hear My guidance, and you can know your own heart. From resistance you can do nothing of worth or true help. Join Me in acceptance, and meet Me there again and again, every time you are not at peace. This practice will empower you and clarity will come.”