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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

When God Doesn’t Seem to Hear

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Kim: “I am a teen mother with one child. Her father and I are doing everything possible to get stable jobs to pay our bills. I cry out for help over and over and I feel as if God can’t hear me. This is causing me to stumble in my faith even when I try not to. Every time I get my faith up and raise it high, something comes to knock me right over. What am I doing wrong? Where does God want me to be? How do I get my voice loud enough for God to hear me? I am putting everything else last and Him first, but what happens when things keep going wrong?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear Heart, thank you for opening yourself to a higher perspective on your earthly situation. Please know that there is never one single instant in which you are not held up and loved beyond your knowing. You are known by me as your true perfect and radiant self, shining throughout eternity.

“Although your situation seems very huge and difficult to you, please know that this situation is your own chosen path. You can actually give thanks within this situation. Is it not written in the scriptures that you are to give thanks in all things? Why would you have created this situation for yourself and your family if it were not to learn from it, to grow and mature from it, and to heal from it? Please know that there is nothing that seems to happen to you in the outside world that has not come forth from the Lord God of Your Being in order to perfect your nature in service. The ‘catch’ is to relax into this and allow it to unfold.

“Please begin immediately to release all that you have, all that you believe you are, and all that you desire to God for fulfillment. Speak this prayer daily, many times each day: Dear God of my Being, take all that I Am and make it truly yours. Allow me to serve you and your people and your purpose. Take my life and my thoughts and my plans and convert them into your perfection. I trust and believe that You are my Life in complete fulfillment. Lead, therefore, and I will follow. Take my fears and dissolve them in your perfect love. Guide and bless and protect me and my child and her father and keep us always in your care. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So it is. Amen.

“Go one step at a time, Dear One. Be watchful for direction and trust what you notice. God does not require that you place Him above your earthly obligations. He is in everything, equally. He is in you, forever. Do not think that you are not noticed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Are you in love with your Self? Do you comfort, nurture and love this greater part of you – the God part? Feel this God part within you and take strength from strength. God’s love never fails. Listen for God to speak in your heart. He speaks only words of comfort and joy. You will not fail. All that you require will be provided, as if by miraculous means. Open up and trust. Be grateful every day.

“Let your heart begin to lighten. It is okay to be happy. You can laugh at fear. You can smile and spread joy in any circumstance. Joy attracts greater joy. Gratitude attracts greater gratitude. Breathe, relax, submit, release, smile, express and extend your love. In the fullness of time, you will be led to your perfect path of service. In the meantime, let your service be having a heart full of love and thanksgiving. Let your service be smiling and allowing peace to overcome you. Speak to God in your heart, Dearest One, and listen as He speaks thoughts of love in return.”