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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What Baggage Keeps Me from Going Forward?

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Justin: “My whole life has been an emotional roller coaster of disappointment and abandonment. My parents divorced when I was younger and my father remarried, leaving me to take over as man of the house. I cooked and cleaned so my mother could have an easy evening after returning home from work. At school I was verbally abused and harassed on a regular basis. Even though I’ve graduated now, our family has tremendous debt from my sister’s college loans that she refuses to pay. In the meantime my father got divorced again and came back, only to live in the back room and not contribute to the household. I feel stuck with no options for my future. What is the baggage I must eliminate to change the course my life is taking?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, only those who know the ongoing experience of the presence of love can be relied upon to help you on this journey. The true source of awareness is within you, in your heart and eternal mind. Yet few take the time to listen to this source within. Instead, they look to other people, activities and things, believing that these external objects will fill their longing or block them from happiness. Neither is the case.

“You have so much potential, so many talents to offer to express the love within you. First you must become aware of your higher self and its love. You must learn to listen to it. Put aside your beliefs that your family can or should supply you with what you need. The time spent focusing on your thoughts about your family has become a barrier to you. You refer to this as baggage, and your load of baggage has become overwhelming. Realize that you have a relationship with your thought baggage. Your thoughts are but reactions to your environment.

“To let go of your baggage, you must change your reactions. They are painful judgments that keep you from the ongoing experience of love. Take quiet time each day to feel the reality of who you are as a deeply loving, good, compassionate person. Don’t think about it, just feel it. Allow it to reassure you, as if you were a child resting in the arms of a loving mother. The memory of your good and loving self is within you. As you do this, thoughts will pop into your mind. No matter what a thought is about, extend that awareness and feeling of love to it.

“You do not need to love your thoughts. You do need to learn how to react and relate to them with the love that you are, instead of with fear and judgment. You are the parent of your thoughts. Show them compassion without the need to believe they represent neither truth or lies. As you practice this daily, you will be able to sense and hear the Holy Spirit’s guidance within you, for it is one with the love you are eternally. When it is time to move away from your family, that inner loving awareness will guide you. It will guide you to the training you need to live independently, as well as how to change your relationship to your family.

“Blessings to you who are blessed by all the love that you are, as one with all children of God, and with us.”