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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What Can I Learn from My Painful Situation?

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Corinne: “I have always loved my work in social services. However, our management structure has changed and over the past several years, compromising the kind of service we can offer families. I have advocated strongly against some of these changes and as a result I received a very negative performance appraisal. Much of what was contained in the report was not true; other comments implied my work is substandard. This was demoralizing, but I don’t want to leave this job. What lesson does this experience have for me, and what is the highest way to respond?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Most Holy Child, thank you for your willingness to come with this question. Your love and care for your work is most evident. You have given your life to this work and it has mostly served you. Now it is time for you to serve and trust the work.

“You have the opportunity to listen to the work. It is calling you. You have such a heart for your clients and patients that you cannot actually see your own heart. This is the time for you to pause and serve your work in a new way. Serve your work by serving yourself. In serving yourself you must take the time to know and trust your own heart. You are feeling pain at the discrepancies you are participating in. This is because your heart is speaking to you and you are not listening. You are feeling the problem is in the workplace. The problem may very well be there, but your pain is caused by the way you are relating to the problem and thoughts you have about this situation.

“Dearest one, now is the time for quiet. Find a quiet place for you to be without interruption. Close your eyes and breathe three times very slowly and deeply. As you release your breath, say thank you. That is all. Breathe and say thank you. As thoughts or physical sensations arise, say thank you to each in your awareness. This is a way for you to relate to all in your awareness in gratitude. In this way you will literally open your heart. In this space ask yourself: What do I truly want to do here? Allow answers or complete silence equally with a thank you. In this way you assure your heart, which has been waiting so very patiently to speak to you, that you are indeed listening. Know that your heart cannot, will not, steer you with anything but love.

“Use this time to spend time daily with your own heart. Sit for even five minutes each morning allowing your own heart to speak to you. In this way you will begin the day in refreshment and peace. You will be guided. Trust your guidance. Listen to your heart each morning and be amazed at what treasure it has for you. Give thanks for this unique situation for this is the way your heart has chosen to get your very own attention. Precious One, trust your heart; it knows you like no other.

“Thank you, dear one, for your willingness to listen to your own heart. I will be there waiting for you.”