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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What is the Purpose of My Life?

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Isaac: “I have been seeking for almost 15 years now. I have changed a lot in all these years, but I am still not clear on the most basic questions: What do I really, really want and what am I here for?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Beloved One, the questions of why you are here and what you really want are at the heart of life, and you do well to give these things your full and undivided attention at this time. For without these seeds of your life’s purpose planted and nurtured, what can grow and blossom in your experience?

“You are here – all are here upon the earth plane – to learn. Your life is a classroom and you are learning the many lessons of God. Since God is Love and only Love, you are learning the lessons of Love; that is why you are here. Yes, you may pursue accomplishments and complete tasks and have relationships and achieve goals, but underneath everything there is a divine design at work for your life. The reason for all things is Love and the learning of your own true essence, which is also Love. For you were born of a loving Creator and are made from Love.

“Let your life be Love’s canvas. How can you paint Love upon it? In whatever you choose to do as you follow your heart (for this is the pathway, to follow your heart’s desires), consider how can you bring love into whatever you do. Begin now to see your life and activities differently. It is most important and essential that you consciously choose to do what brings you joy. This you do know, only you are resisting it. Perhaps you are doing the things you believe you are ‘supposed to do,’ yet they are not the desires of your heart. Whatever brings you joy is your path, my dear one. If you have lost your way, you can find it again.

“If you are in circumstances by necessity that are not joyous or fulfilling, that are not expressive of your heart’s desire, do not fret. There is purpose here, too. When you must spend time in such circumstances, then bring all the Love you can to them until they can be changed. So you see, whether you are actually following your heart’s desires, or whether you are momentarily unable to do so, you can still benefit, you can still learn the lessons of Love.

“God only loves you, dearest heart. God only Loves you and does not judge you. God is your loving Creator, indeed, the very breath you breathe in every moment. Stop and consider this. Inhale deeply the Love of which you are made and in which you dwell. Acknowledge it, let it fill your being and bless and refresh you. Then take the time to remember and reconnect with your heart’s desires. Perhaps you will have to think back to when you were a child and remember what brought you joy. Your joy is who you are, and is the highest expression of Love for your life. Remember what brings you joy, and do all in your power to express and fulfill that in your life.

“You are here to express Love and to learn the lessons of Love, and then to express Love ever more fully because of what you learned. So in all things be thankful and entrust the story of your life to your loving Creator. All is well, dear one, and you can know this at any moment. Know this, reconnect with the true desires of your heart, and find your joy. God is there, waiting for you.”