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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What is the Proper Way to Ask God to Teach Me?


David: “When I sit down and pray to God, I ask Him how to teach me on five things: humility, patience, compassion (Love), grace (graciousness and gracefulness) and mercy (including forgiving of others). I feel these are very important spiritual qualities to have in order to achieve a greater sense of both overall peace and oneness with God. What is the proper way of asking God to teach me these things?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, please accept our gratitude for the beautiful humility, patience and grace you demonstrate in your very asking of this question.

“Know firstly that these five things of which you speak—humility, patience, compassion, grace and mercy—are less like subjects of which you are ignorant and need knowledge, and more like treasure chests within you that are merely waiting to be discovered and opened. For these are all qualities of God, and as the creation of God, you have these qualities, too. For the Creator creates from what the Creator is.

“Therefore, you are these things already. It is not knowledge you seek of them but experience. Each time you behave in ways that are humble, patient, compassionate, gracious and merciful, you are experiencing who you truly are. And so the treasure chest is opened, and the treasure given and shared. And that is how you come to know it, through the giving and living of it.

“Do not wait to be compassionate. Do not wait to be merciful. Do not wait to be forgiving. All of heaven will assist you if you but make the choice to bring these qualities into practice in your daily life at any moment. The truth is that you are the Christ, as indeed are all of your brothers and sisters, though asleep to this truth. Your journey on the earth plane is one of awakening from the poverty of believing you are separate from God, to the wealth of finding the treasure of God’s kingdom within you.

“Humility, patience, compassion, grace and mercy: these are the treasure within. To learn of them, ask only for opportunities to express them in this world. For there is no greater teacher than experience. Give unto others all of this treasure which you have recognized; know that it is yours already and in infinite supply. Your brothers and sisters await your expressions of humility, patience, compassion, grace and mercy extended to them. And each time you draw from the treasure within and share it with another, they will begin to recognize that the same is within themselves.

“This treasure multiplies in the giving. Mercy begets mercy, grace begets grace, forgiveness begets forgiveness, and peace begets peace. Share your treasure and this is how you will come to know intimately more and more who God is and who you are. And for each coin of mercy, grace, peace, forgiveness and love that you give unto others, you will increase your knowledge of these same qualities tenfold. No greater investment could there ever be.”