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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What is Keeping Success from My Life?

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Susan: “I have been working hard in my personal and professional life and seem to be going nowhere, maybe even backwards. When I attempt to get ahead, I fall back. I am in love and I feel that this guy loves me but there is something in the way of us getting together. As for my business, I have many prospects for potential sales but no one who purchases. I feel like I am so close yet so far away. What is blocking me or holding me back from success in all areas of my life?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, please consider your definition of success. Does it include peacefulness, happiness, a sense of accomplishment? Does it include pre-defining what you want others to do, as well as your self-appointed tasks, in order to fulfill its worldly goal? Do you believe that you cannot have the former qualities unless the latter ones are achieved? Achieving a worldly goal never brings an experience of peace and happiness that lasts and can be summoned on demand. More is always desired after goal achievement. True fulfillment does not contain the need for more.

“To be truly successful in life, you must follow your heart. To do that, you must first come to experience and know what your heart is. We speak not of the physical heart, but of your core inner sense of who you are and what your highest self, united with the Holy Spirit, would want you to know to experience a successful and fulfilled life.

“You ask what is blocking you from success. This blockage is related to your total absorption with these thoughts of not being good enough. Such thoughts are part of a complex and usually subconscious pyramid of thoughts in which you automatically believe. Your body/brain holds these beliefs because they are YOUR thoughts and reactions to your experiences during your lifetime. Often that pyramid is laced with thoughts that shift blame to others. But no matter how complex your pyramid might seem, they are just thoughts. You merely have to learn to NOT believe in them as the definition of who you are.

“Who and what you truly are is much greater than you can imagine at this time. We see you as the love that you really are, as an extension of the Love and Goodness of the Kingdom of God, which includes all of God’s children. This is not a trivial issue. It is the core driving force for your life as you would really wish it to be. It is the only true driving force that always works.

“Allow yourself to step back from your thoughts. Allow yourself time to sit and experience that part of your self that is good and loving, and Wants so much to extend your inner love into the world. Sit quietly, daily, and experience your true nature, independent of thoughts of what you have done in the past or plan to do in the future. Don’t think about your goodness. Just feel it. Dwell in that experience every morning and return to it whenever challenged by your thoughts. Then extend the love that you are to your thoughts, regardless of the nature of the thought, as a loving parent would extend such feelings to a child who is upset about not achieving something they really wanted. You, indeed, are the parent to your thoughts. With this practice, clarity will broaden your work in the world, so that what you think, do, and say will be consistent with your true reality.

“We meet you in that place, always. We offer you peace and the ability to see yourself as we see you. You have done nothing wrong, and each thinking judgment of every episode of your life is only an incomplete and fearful answer you have given yourself. To see the bigger picture, to see clearly, you must feel and know your self at that loving center of the picture you paint of your life.

“We love you. In reality, you cannot fail.”