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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What is God’s Will for Me?

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Dustin: “Even though I graduated five years ago, I still don’t have a job. Is it God’s will that I just take any job while I wait to be employed in my degree? I am depressed and even think of ending my life. Please help me know God’s will about working. I need an answer as my mental status is getting worse.”

The Voice for Love: “My dearest one, please listen to Me: you are of the highest value to God. You are not being judged, punished, or forgotten. The circumstances of your life are challenging, yes, but also always a matter of co-creation between God and yourself. You have been shaken up by the lack of employment after getting your degree, and yet, this time has served you. Do not doubt that.

“You need not narrow your options, rather open them wider. Open to all the possibilities before you. Leave none out. Be willing to do anything; you will not be locked in. It will not ruin your life to do something for which you did not study or train. One step leads to the next. There is always something to be gained in every situation. Be willing, be open, be unafraid. I am with you.

“If you wait, I wait with you. If you act, I act with you. I love and honor you at all times. God is not up in the sky looking down on you, withholding from you what you need, refusing to show you the way. God only loves you, guides you, helps you. I am God in you. I am the compass in your heart. Seek Me within. Feel My presence. When you notice the merest drop of joy, gladness, interest, curiosity as you look for work, follow that – the same way you would set your compass to true north to guide your way. Follow your heart, dear one. Do not be afraid.

“It is your fear that hampers and constricts you. Take time to meditate each morning and soothe your fear. Let your fear rise up and then extend a loving hand to it. Welcome it into your presence and allow it to sit before you in your mind. Merely sit with it and extend kindness and understanding as you would a beloved uncle or old friend visiting your home. Thank it for seeking to protect you and keep you safe. Ask it what it needs from you to feel safe itself, for fear arises to be blessed and healed. It is in your power to heal it.

“As you befriend your fear and become its leader rather than its follower, you will hear Me more clearly. You will recognize My leading as you connect more deeply with your true heart because fear will no longer block the way. Be bold, be willing, be open, my dear one. Opportunities await you. Let us seek and embrace them together.”