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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

The Barriers Blocking Your Abundance


Diane: “I am a Personal Life Consultant and trained psychotherapist. Yet despite the fact that I’m told I do incredible work with people for clarity, balance and well-being, I am down to two clients a week and am not earning enough money to pay my bills. The same for meeting a life partner — I’m told I am attractive, bright, smart and kind, I do not hang onto hurt or anger, yet I have not had a partner for a long time now. I do not understand this. I trust and have faith in God, study metaphysics, and am a very spiritual person. What is my issue? What am I not seeing or knowing?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, thank you for opening your heart to receive a higher perspective on your life and its unfolding. Please know that you are loved beyond measure, that you are known and gently watched over always. Although you already know these things intellectually, and indeed also believe them, it is now time to fully live them as your soul-guided strengths.

“You are wondering why a person like yourself would be experiencing a loss of income and a dwindling, narrowing path, or so it would seem. This implies that because you are a spiritually-minded person, a kind person who is interested in helping others, and also a well-educated person who has experienced success in her chosen field, that you would never experience a blockage in your path or a feeling of lack. Do you really believe that God has no further lessons for you to learn, or that He is not capable of enlarging your life beyond your imagining?

“Beloved, it is at this time that God is seeking to own your life completely. It is at this time that you are being asked to surrender all that you think you are, all that you have been up until this time, and to rest solely in faith. You are being called on to relinquish all expectations of outcome, and to simply watch and wait. Remember that God has instructed you to pray without ceasing. What does this mean, Beloved? Does it not mean to allow your mind to be always resting in His care, to allow your heart to be eternally and moment-by-moment resting in His heart?

“You have questions, and your questions seem valid to you in the moment in which they arise. I am asking you now — when you find questions arising such as Why is this happening to me? or Where am I going to get money to pay my bills? — that you turn all these questions over to God-in-you for resolution. Affirm immediately to yourself: ‘God knows my every need and knows my desires, before I even ask.’ Allow questions to float away from your mind just as a lovely yellow balloon floats higher and higher once it is released to freedom in the stream of the flow of air. You may even picture your questions, your doubts, your fears, as being enclosed in a beautiful yellow balloon, and allowed to soar up into the sky, far away from you, and into the hands of God.

“Affirm to yourself always that there is no reason to fear. Release all that you cling to, all that you think you know. If you experience a change in lifestyle, a change in your self-image, a change in your job description, know that all is for the highest good. Let your prayer be, ‘Lead me, Father. I do not know the way. I trust you to lead me and I will follow without fear. Help me, Father, to release my fears and all that I think I am so that I may be all that You Know That I Am.’ Breathe into this prayer so that your fears may be released and so that you will renew your faith that all is well.

“You cannot see to the end of the path, you can only trust that it is your highest good and greatest joy that await you. You cannot even see around the next corner, but you will notice each little step along the way. You will begin to feel God’s grace surround you as you surrender more and more. You will begin to notice the nudges of your intuition or your inner heart-knowing that will gently lead you step by step to the unfolding of your newness. Be patient, Beloved, be faithful, be watchful.

“Allow your heart to begin to know that there is a beloved partner who will be with you. Know this with all your heart and soul. Do not question. Again, humbly ask God to lead you: ‘Dear God, I have a desire to be with a divine partner. So, I know that there is a partner for me. I thank You that this is so, and I ask only to be led gracefully step by step that I may recognize the fulfillment of my desire in Your way and Your divine timing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

Then go gratefully about your day and your life. Be grateful always that you do not have to worry about anything — all is prepared for you. Be happy. Let your heart be at ease. You have done nothing wrong. You have asked for advancement, for enlightenment, for accelerated growth, and you are experiencing that. With advancement and growth come changes. Be grateful for the changes. Be at peace. Be content to be in a state of not-knowing. Allow yourself to trust completely, so completely that your questions dissolve over time into a constant state of gratitude for whatever lies ahead. Gracefully release whatever needs to be released, knowing that in the fullness of time you will be very happy with what replaces them. Be willing to give All to God. God is All, after all!

“Bless you, Beloved. Go your way in peace.”