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What Does Holy Spirit Say About 12-Step Programs?

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Lorna: “I have been dealing with active alcoholism for some years now. More recently, I had tried solely using spiritual teachings and practices, like the Voice for Love, but I have determined that they alone are not enough. I have gone back to Alcoholics Anonymous because this seems to be the most, if not the only, effective method for me to deal with my alcoholism. It is a spiritual program, but its approach is different. Does God/Holy Spirit have anything specific to say about using Alcoholics Anonymous and other Twelve Step groups to deal with addictions?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, let us celebrate your holiness. Let us commend you for hearing your heart. Let us join together in gentleness and give thanks, for you have heard and followed your inner guidance. This is a huge indication of willingness.

“Dearest One, there is no place God is not. There is no addiction where you cannot communicate with your heart and hear guidance. The truth is, there is no separation in physical and spiritual. This is but two ways of seeing. Your spirit is eternal, precious, holy and creative.

“Trust your guidance and the gentleness of working together with others in your 12 Step program. The one who created this program followed the guidance of love and has helped many. If you desire to include your practice of the Voice for Love into your 12 Step program, simply sit quietly and ask how this would be done for you. With the practice of each of the twelve steps, enjoy extending love to all the thoughts that come up. Extend love to yourself, your program mates, and all of the feelings that attend.

“We are so very proud of you. You have lived richly and listened to your heart. Fear not the process of learning to love yourself as we do. Take this one step at a time. One day at a time. One moment at a time. As you feel the desire to use a substance to quell your feelings, instead sit quietly, even for five minutes, and feel these feelings. Gently welcome the thoughts and feelings that are in the moment making you feel uncomfortable. The truth is you are always comfort-able. Your heart knows everything about you. Allow this amazing truth to sink into your awareness. Your heart knows everything about you. It is still present no matter what you do.

“Even as you must return to the beginning again, give thanks for your heart is with you at all times. As you reach out to your holiness and become more aware of your higher, greater strength, give thanks for the process by which you discovered your desire for sobriety and health. Dearest one, you are never alone. Embrace your twelve steps, embrace the voice of God within your heart. Spend time each day sitting in quietness and give thanks for your own dear self. Close your eyes and spend five minutes breathing and extending love to yourself, as you are.

“Thank you for your precious heart, your willingness to listen and the courage to follow your guidance. Keep doing this and you will experience much joy.”