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What Can I Do to Keep My Wife from Divorcing Me?

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Tom: “My wife just told me she doesn’t love me any more. She wants a divorce and for me to move out. I know I haven’t loved her like I should have in the past and I am willing to go to marriage counseling, but she doesn’t want any part of it. Even though our marriage isn’t perfect, I know divorce is not the answer. What can I do to repair the rift between us?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, thank you for opening your heart to receive a higher perspective on this issue of your relationship with your wife. It is indeed a shock to your heart and mind to receive the news from your wife that she no longer loves you and, in fact, wants you to move out of your home.

“If you truly love her and are truly willing to do whatever it takes to retain your marriage, you must make this very clear to her. She, of course, has free will, and it may be that no matter what you do, her mind and heart will not be won over and the relationship will end. It may be beneficial for you to move to a different location so that there can be some space for both of you to examine your feelings carefully.

“You will need time to yourself to begin to heal from the shock and grief of separation. No matter how things turn out, this is an opportunity for you to go within and get in touch with your deepest feelings, beliefs and expectations. This is also the time for you to look at your past and to recognize patterns of behaviors in your reactions to people, circumstances and situations. You will gain a lot of insight and wisdom from this process. This insight is going to greatly assist you in moving forward, whether it is with your wife or on your own.

“Both of you must move on, whether together or separately. This is a time of deep introspection for both of you. A challenge such as this can still be used by Spirit for good. Know that you are never alone. The love of God is always with you. The strength of God is always with you, as well. Seek peace within; this will assist you in knowing how to move forward confidently. Seek healing for yourself; this should be your first priority. Please be gentle with yourself. Do not enter into self-blame and regret. All things in life are happening for a reason. You may not know fully what the reason is, but that’s okay – you will understand more fully later.

“Do not allow yourself to fall into despair. Also, do not allow yourself to maintain false optimism. Simply enter into a state of allowing what is. Move forward in faith that what is best for all concerned will occur. Make this your intention, without expectation. Ask for help inwardly and then trust what comes. You may receive insights and answers when you least expect them. Be open-minded and open-hearted. Accept and respect your wife’s feelings and allow her to express them. Remember that feelings do change, and she is being guided on her life path as well.

“Love is never lost. In the human world, love changes form. You do not have to stop loving. Do not close your heart.”