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What Can I Do About My Wife’s Depression?

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Sean: “My wife is going through a mid-life crisis. She has suffered some business failures and is pushing me away. She says she is lost and depressed and does not know who she is anymore. She also says she never got over the emotional pain I caused her a few years ago when I had a brief email flirtation with someone else. I got counseling after that and have bettered myself in our marriage. Yet my wife is now asking me to sleep in the other room. I feel rejected and sad and don’t know what to do.”

The Voice for Love: “My dearest one, be very still now and hear Me: Do not take on your wife’s sadness and depression. They are hers and you cannot help her by joining her in them. See the physical separation of separate rooms as a separating of what’s yours and what’s hers emotionally. She must sort out her feelings; you must sort out yours. This is separate work.

“I ask you to be still so that you may go within. That is where I reside and I am available to you at all times. My peace and presence can suffuse your every moment, should you so choose. You can join with Me in peace and healing of your own heart. You have hurts, too. Do not ignore your own heart. It is tugging at you; it wants to be heard.

“This is your opportunity to get very clear about yourself, your intentions, your desires. Every morning make time to sit in silence and stillness. Do not think about your wife, your marriage, your problems. During this silence and stillness, simply allow everything to be exactly as it is without judgment. Extend to your situation allowance, openness, and space. This cannot harm you. If any pain wells up into this spaciousness, allow it to rise without resistance. Stay open and let it move through you like a wave in the ocean. There is no need to fight such a wave; allow it to rise, crest, and recede.

“Keep creating spaciousness and do not clutter it with forced solutions or frantic plans. Simply be with Me in that spaciousness. I can speak to you in that spaciousness; I can guide you. As you sit in that spaciousness and stillness, have the intention to decide nothing, to know nothing, to do nothing. Then ask Me for just the next step, the very next step to take, no matter how small. It may be as simple as making the coffee or making the bed. Do that very thing, then, in trust and peace. Continue asking throughout your day for each next step, then do what arises in your heart to do. This is how you will become acquainted with Me and learn the sound and feeling of My guidance. And ultimately, through this practice you will come to hear your own heart and you will know what to do.

“Do not fear, My dear one, for it is in your heart that I reside. I am with you always.”