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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What Blocks Me from God’s Blessings?

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Kayla: “Last summer my pastor told me God wants to move me higher but can’t because of my disobedience. A few months later at a revival, he told me he saw a vision of showers falling from heaven onto me but that there were still areas I needed to deal with. What is it I must do to fully receive God’s blessings? I have sought God through fasting and praying so He will purge every area of my life and make me whole, but He does not seem to hear my prayers. I am very much confused by my pastor’s vision and I just feel tired because I am sacrificing so much doing the work of God.”

The Voice for Love: “Beloved Daughter, God knows how much you love Him! He sees your devotion and your yearning for Him. And He sees no blemish or spot in you, no fault that needs to be corrected, no sin that needs to be punished. He sees you always as that which He created: a spotless child in whom He is well pleased.

“Please let your heart be turned fully to Him alone. Let your heart rest in His light. There is no other Voice on Earth that you are to hear. His Voice inside you, the one that speaks of His love, of His devotion to you, of His tender care (always!) – this is the Voice that you are to listen to. As His most holy child, it is your birthright to have communion with Him directly, in your heart. Although those around you may mean well, they may not be able to see clearly at all times. Therefore, you are not to give away your power to another. Doesn’t scripture say He will write His words upon your heart? Have you not been told to ask what you will and it will be granted to you? Have you not been told to ask in faith? To ask believing?

“Are you practicing these truths, these promises, Beloved One? Or are you still fretting, worried that you may not be pleasing Him? Are you trying to win His love in some way? To become worthy of His love and tender care? Why are you not claiming your birthright, the love of the Father? Why not claim your worth? Do you feel closer to God when you feel that there is something wrong with you? Or do you feel closer to Him when you claim and give thanks for His eternal, unconditional love? Ask yourself which way is the higher way, and do not be afraid to tell your heart the answer.

“You are not a thief sneaking in by night to steal God’s love! You are His most beloved child, His own. Please do not let others spoil your most holy relationship! Keep it close to your heart. It is not necessary for you to rebuke others; simply cease to allow them to in any way diminish your closeness with God.

“Go in peace. Do not worry. Do not fret. God loves you always and unconditionally. Ask Him gently and patiently to take away anything that is not perfect in His sight. Then relax. Simply begin to notice if you feel like doing anything differently. Notice if you feel like speaking to someone in a slightly different way. Notice if you feel like dropping some activity you used to think was important or entertaining.

“Simply notice as He gently prunes you as a good gardener prunes his fruit trees, to bring forth an abundant harvest of joy and blessings. God’s hand is gentle towards his children. There is nothing to fear. God’s love is eternal. Do not listen to fearful words. Know you are loved. Know that you are known as you truly are. Be at peace. Let your heart rest in His.”