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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

What Blocks Me from God?

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Krista: “I am 24 years old and have been deaf since I was 3. I graduated from high school and went to college for a year but failed several classes and dropped out. I want to help deaf people and to share the message of Jesus but I don’t know what I should be doing. I try to get up each day and read the Bible, pray, and to hold onto God, but every time I do I fall in a pit of laziness and fears. What is blocking me from having a relationship with the Lord?”

The Voice for Love:
“Dearest One, you already have a relationship with the Lord. It is only your seeing it as blocked that keeps the feeling of blockage in place. The Lord loves you at all times, in all ways, and never strives to keep you from Himself. You are never at arm’s length but rather always in His heart.

“You are loved and treasured beyond measure, my dear one. The Lord only loves you and does not judge you. Just as the sun is always shining, so the Lord is always smiling upon you; but the clouds of self-judgment block you from this knowing. This relationship of His love for you is in place at all times, just as is the relationship with your mother or father or sister or brother. Nothing changes the fact of the relationship between a parent and child or sibling and sibling – not time or distance or conflict or denial – and so it is with the Lord.

“You do want to feel your relationship with the Lord, to know it in your experience, and this is where you come in: by paying attention to the inner voice that calls to your best self. What is this best self? The self that loves, that forgives, that gives, that plays, and that knows itself to be loved. For so you are. Fears and laziness are common in youth. They are ways of being at times, but they are not who you are. Laziness can even be a reflection of not following your heart. Are you going where your heart leads? Are you following your true path?

“You do not have to hold onto God, dear one; God holds onto you, always. He has never let you go and never will. He asks only that you love yourself just as He loves you. How will you know what God wants you to do? Because it will bring you joy. God would never ask of you work or service that was drudgery to your heart. He seeks to hear your heart sing. As you take steps on a path of service, notice what brings you joy and follow it. There is nothing to fear for you are always in God’s hands. As you seek to make choices about where to go and what to do, go within and find the spark of joy that arises (or does not arise) when you consider the different possibilities. You are led by this to your heart’s desire. And your heart’s desire is God’s desire for you.

“Reach out to others like you, both in service and community. Connect with those who walk your same path and look at the choices they have made and find which ones resonate for you. A particular school or course of study may arise that sets off that spark from within and lights your path. Trust what happens, dear one, for you are safe and loved.”