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[VFL Update] How Can I Heal My Relationship with My…

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As usual, we have some beautiful messages to share with you today from The Voice for Love within you. That’s right, this Divine Voice is within you and every one else in the world. There is only one Divine Voice within all of us, and it comes from the Source of our Being, which is Love.Before sharing these messages with you, I wanted to give you a head up. In two weeks, we are launching our all-new “Voice for Love Embodiment and Certification Program.” We only offer this program once every 18 months. It is the single, most profound, and life-changing thing we do and offer in The Voice for Love.To share the program with you, we recently shot a fabulous video to tell you all about it. We will be releasing the video in 2 weeks. Because there is limited space in the program, I wanted to give you a heads up so you can be prepared to watch it when you receive our e-mail.Until then, enjoy these beautiful messages of love and peace. I know they will touch your heart!The first “Dear The Voice For Love” post I’d love to share with you is entitled, “Is It A Sin to Marry a Non-Christian?” No don’t let this title fool. The answer may not be anything like what you expect. Regardless of whether you think you know the answer or not, I encourage you to read Spirit’s reply. It will touch your heart regardless of how you feel about the question or your own presupposed answer.Click Here to read the answer now.Our second “Dear The Voice For Love” question-and-answer is entitled, “How Can I Heal My Relationship with My Mother?” I love Holy Spirit’s reply to this question. So much love, understanding, and compassion shared, plus a really beautiful guided you can do on your own, whether it’s regarding your mother or anyone else in your life. That’s the thing … this answer is perfect for any relationship challenges that you have.Click Here to read the answer now.Finally, I’d love to share an e-mail with you that I recently received. Normally, I don’t share these types of things on our website, but after reading this one, I felt inspired to share it because it brings me such great joy to plant seeds in peoples’ hearts that we are all capable of joining with the love and peace of God within us and receiving clear and specific Divine Guidance and communication in our lives. So many people believe that it’s too difficult to live in the state of ongoing joy, love, and peace, or that they are incapable of hearing God’s voice within them in a direct and conversational way.If you ever doubt these things:Click Here to read this inspiring e-mail now.Lots of love and blessings to you!