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[VFL Update] A Juicy Listen

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Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing one of my most enjoyable radio interviews yet. I’ve probably done 50 interviews over the past several years. I always walk away feeling happy and joyful from every one. Speaking LIVE always takes me deeper within myself. This one, however, was different. I got off the call thinking to myself, “Wow! That was awesome. One of my favorite interviews ever!”

I asked if I could share the interview with you, and the radio producer gave me permission. So here it is! Click the link below and click the play button on my webpage to listen to it now, or download it to your computer. Two unexpected guests showed up on the interview as well, which just added to the energy. I know you’ll enjoy it!

Click Here to listen to the interview now.

— Two Fantastic Messages from Spirit —

I would also like to share with you two wonderful “Dear Voice for Love” question and answers. I think you’ll be a will to relate to both questions. The first one, delivered from Val Padley, answers the age-old question in such a beautiful and loving way: Am I Hearing Holy Spirit or Is Ego Tricking Me? If you have ever wondered or asked that question before, I encourage you to read this post:

Click Here to read it now.

Finally, if you answer YES to any of these questions, you definitely need to read this second blog post as well: Are you a giver? Do you give to others at the expense of yourself? Are you tired of giving too much?

This second “Dear Voice for Love” by post Eva Listle answers the question, “How Much Does God Want Me to Do for Others?

If you can relate, click here to read it now.

Lots of love and blessings to you!