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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Two Poems About the Newtown, CT School Killings


One Mind, One Pain

He killed his mother

And shot the children too

What caused this deceit of suffering

He could no longer bear


What would have made

The difference between life and death

Holy Child

Your innocence remains

You cannot kill what made you

You made you

A divine creation

Remains divine


Thank you for your wiliness

To expose the deep of pain

Now we are truly there

In the abyss with you


Newtown Horror

We turned our head

And the children were gone

Slain where they stood

In Christmas innocence

Teachers too

A mass grave in an instant


The grief is partaken

By one and all

Unable to believe

This could happen

And yet

It did


Can say no

Or stop

Or wait

Only Love knows the truth

About the unspeakable

Voice your grief

Be with the shameless intensity of pain

I am there too

Loving you