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The Teachings of Inner Ramana by Regina Dawn Akers

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The Teachings of Inner RamanaDear Friends. It is an honor to be sharing this book with you. Regina Dawn Akers is a beautiful Voice for the Holy Spirit and a fantastic teacher of Love and Truth. Candace and I have known Regina for many years now. Many of you probably know about Regina’s first book, Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament: A Course in Understanding and Acceptance. Today, Regina is launching a new book which I’m truly grateful to tell you about.

In the spring of 2009, some new teachings came to Regina from Ramana Maharshi as an inner Teacher. These teachings came to her in answer to a prayer. She asked Holy Spirit to send her something that would take her to the next step, and Ramana Maharshi showed up as her inner Teacher.

For a period of about 6 weeks, approximately 30 messages were given to her from Inner Ramana. These messages have now been published by Clear Diamond Vision as The Teachings of Inner Ramana, and they are available through Amazon.com. Here is a direct link for ordering: The Teachings of Inner Ramana.

I encourage you to check this book out. Regina’s work is truly top-notch. Below is a description of the book and an Introduction by Regina herself.

Product Description:

When Ramana Maharshi’s body began to fail him, his devotees became concerned that their beloved teacher was leaving them. He responded by saying, “I am not going anywhere. Where shall I go?” Sri Ramana Maharshi seemed to die in 1950, ten years before Regina Dawn Akers was born. However, on February 12, 2009, Regina began listening to Ramana as her inner teacher. Although she had not studied this great sage, he reached out to her and spoke to her as an inner voice. For nearly two months, Ramana taught Regina about the mind, the false “I” thought, the path of devotion and the practice of self-inquiry. The clarity of his teachings are startling. Ramana led Regina to the Heart, the Self, “I am that I am” with direct simplicity. The teachings and practices he shared with her are helpful to anyone seeking true essence and knowledge. This book is a compilation of the teachings Ramana shared with Regina during that period. The CD audio book is also included.

From the Introduction to “The Teachings of Inner Ramana“:

By Regina Dawn Akers

I began listening to Ramana Maharshi as an inner teacher on February 12, 2009. Here is how Ramana came to be my teacher:

First of all, I had never been a student of his and I never imagined that I would be. I knew next to nothing about Ramana Maharshi. But around January 25, I was feeling that I had hit some kind of plateau and I was not progressing on the spiritual path like I had in the past. In fact, I felt I was losing the connection with Holy Spirit and ego was growing stronger in my mind. So I said a prayer and asked Holy Spirit to send me something that would take me to the next step.

On January 30, I felt spontaneously guided to buy a book by Ramana Maharshi. The book came within a few days but I did not feel guided to read it. I glanced at it, but found it very difficult to understand. I had no real attraction to his teaching.

Ramana’s book sat on the coffee table near where I meditate for a week or so, then on February 12 the picture of Ramana that is on the cover of the book seemed to come alive. It seemed to breathe. I ignored this for a bit, but the feeling of aliveness kept growing. So finally I asked, “What do you want to tell me?” And the “Commentary on Mind,” the first message given on February 12th, 2009 came. He seems to have come in answer to my prayer that I be taken to the next step.

Hopefully this information will help you realize if “The Teachings of Inner Ramana” may be helpful to you. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me.

Love, Regina