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The Serenity Prayer Is Not Just For AA

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The serenity prayer became popular within Alcoholics Anonymous, but since its rise in popularity, it has gained traction worldwide as a mainstream prayer.

In the Washington Blade, a leading gay new source, Kevin Norris spoke about his experience growing up with the serenity prayer and made a challenge for people to practice gratitude in their life. He said, “I am giving you a daily assignment. I will keep it very simple for you — your job, should you choose to accept it, is two-fold. First, write down three things you are grateful for. Keep it simple and remember the basics like I have food and shelter today. Also, add to this list as often as possible so you see there are more than just three things in your life to be grateful for. Second, tell at least one person each day that you are grateful for having them in your life and why.”

I think it’s fantastic that these types of articles are written on big, popular websites. Positive messages don’t dominate news websites. Drama, heartbreak, struggle, and challenge are what people are most interested in reading. Can you imagine a news website the only shared all the positive things happening in the world? Do you think people would read it or visit that site? I think they would visit it, but I think it would get bored. I think part of that would crave more tension and drama, and they would probably balance to a more traditional news.

The serenity prayer is the most popular prayer in the world in terms of people searching for each day on the Internet. In fact, we have our own serenity prayer page on our website that is the most visited page on our site. We receive nearly 30,000 unique visitors per month just to our serenity prayer page. That’s a lot of people! And that’s just to our website alone.

So I’m going to follow in Kevin’s footsteps. Take some time right now, after reading this article, to find something in your life that you are grateful for. Take just 5 min. and think of what you are grateful for your life. Let that gratitude well up within you and grow stronger and more expensive the more you feel it. When you’re done, I ask you to do one more thing. Acknowledge that true heartfelt gratitude only comes from one place. It cannot come from the ego. The type of gratitude that brings you joy can only come from God. So right now national, you just felt the presence of God within you. Thank you for doing so!