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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

The Purity of Truth and Eternal Love with Matt Kahn

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Matt Kahn - True Divine NatureBeing a spiritual teacher, I come across a lot of people, colleagues, authors, coaches, etc. who believe themselves to be teaching deep and profound levels of spiritual truth. None of us know what we don’t know, so I don’t judge or blame those who think they’re teaching deep and powerful truths but are really just skimming the surface of what’s possible. I say this to you because my colleague Matt Kahn doesn’t fall into that category.

I recently watched a couple of his YouTube videos below, and Matt is not skimming the surface. It’s evident that he has a direct and personal experience of Truth, Love, and What He is.

The first video below discusses the deeper meaning of Truth:


This second video discusses the possibility of discovering within yourself a Love that has no end:


Matt has an interesting background. He had a spontaneous awakening where he had an out of body experience at the age of eight years old, and he has had a number of direct experiences with Ascended Masters and aAchangels throughout his lifetime.

If you’re looking for some good inspirational truth and a friend and teacher that speaks from a very deep and direct experience of that truth, please take a look at some of Matt’s videos and his website.


I’m grateful to call Matt Kahn and his partner Julie Dittmar friends, colleagues, and partners in-service to the One Love that we are.

Go check them out now!