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The Power of a Peer Counseling Hotline

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Peer counseling is a wonderful thing. It gives people who need support the way to receive it, and it gives those with an open heart and a listening ear the opportunity to help others.

Several years ago, a peer hotline for National Guard veterans was established by the New Jersey National Guard. Now, this hotline is serving “the Guard and Reserves and their families in all 50 states and territories. Although supported by the Guard and Reserves, the program is independent, free and confidential.”

This counseling hotline service was established because the parents of a son who committed suicide wanted to help other soldiers and veterans in similar situations who were unwilling or unable to use the mental health services provided by the Veterans Administration.

Now that we have had a spiritual counseling hotline for several months now, I truly understand the importance of peer hotlines. In many ways, those who are giving support are receiving as much as if not more than the people receiving support.

When we give support to people, we deepen our own conviction in what we are offering. We solidify beliefs, love, and perspectives that we have acquired. On our hotline, for example, by offering spiritual counseling, our counselors deepen their connection with God, strengthen their ability to hear and share that voice, and walk away from the interaction feeling that much more confident and connected with the presence of love within them.

Those who are receiving also walk away with a tremendous amount of peace, comfort, and understanding. Yet I still believe that our counselors probably receive more out of it than those who receive it.

It’s truly an honor and a blessing to be part of a peer hotline. The circle of giving and receiving becomes whole and complete. There is no beginning and there is no end. It self perpetuates, which is what I love the most. Love expands for all involved.