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You Are Destined to Become a Spiritual Teacher


I’m excited to share these two e-mails with you!

Last month, we concluded our year-long Certification and Teacher’s Program, and our new crop of graduates have recently begun doing one-on-one workshops with individuals wanting to learn how to hear God’s Voice in a clear and conversational way.

I recently received two e-mails from our students sharing their first experiences of teaching people our 5 step process. Even though these e-mails weren’t intended to be shared with others, I’d love to share them with you. (I, of course, asked our students for permission to do so.)

Why am I sharing these two e-mails with you? Not only do I want to affirm that we can all hear God’s Voice within us in a clear and recognizable way, but I also want to plant a seed within you that we are all capable of learning how to teach others how to hear God’s Voice as well. That’s what The Voice for Love is all about. Not only do we encourage and teach people how to hear this Divine Voice within them, but we also empower our students to learn how to teach others to do the same.

Everyone is capable and worthy of being a spiritual teacher. In fact, every single person who learns to embody their True Divine Self will automatically become a spiritual teacher in the world, regardless of what that looks like. It’s a spiritual function that is simply built-in to the evolution of our divine awareness. The more you become aware of your Divine Consciousness, the more you will naturally and automatically share and teach that Truth within you to others.

May these two e-mails touch your heart and plant a seed within you of just how capable and great you truly are…

The first e-mail below is short and sweet and was sent only to Candace and I from MaryAnn. The second email is longer and was sent from Holly to all of her fellow students who participated in the Certification Program along with her. She was just so excited to share her experience with her fellow students that she sent the e-mail to them.

Congratulations to MaryAnn and Holly for completing your first workshops! What a great accomplishment!

Here are the e-mails:

“Hello DavidPaul,

Here’s are my feedback forms (and my agenda) from my experience of teaching the 5-Steps. It was a great success. I can see why you and Candace get such joy from seeing your students have such positive experiences. It feels great to do this.

Talk soon,


“Hi, all. Holly here. I had my very first one-on-one session of teaching The 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice last Saturday afternoon. Far from doing it perfectly, it was still perfect! There is nothing like the divine connection when someone wants what you have and that was my first “student’s” case. She has consistently meditated for many years and while she would experience Holy Spirit’s presence and was accustomed to loving all that is, she said it never occurred to her to ask Holy Spirit a question—let alone—expect to be able to hear an answer! After doing so, she said that THAT was what was missing in her life and now she’s got a million questions!

She was leery of putting pen to paper and being able to hear and write a response so I suggested she ask Holy Spirit the question: “Am I incapable of receiving and writing your answer?” BAM! In all caps she found herself write “NO!” and then she was off-to-the-races!

She is in the process of writing a book and she is ecstatic that she has a way to know that she knows that she can receive communication with Holy Spirit and co-author it.

I feel so equipped. DavidPaul and Candace left no stone unturned. My ego’s paltry excuses of “Wait…you need to know more/learn more, try more things, get more together!” are quieter and quieter. I went through the class slides, converted them to a Word document, and made one set of 5 x 8 cards that contained reminders, tips, and all the things to be mindful of with regard to teaching each section.

Before the student came over, I spent time going over the set of cards I made that contained instructional reminders. Then I spent about 20 minutes preparing as if I was going to do a Holy Spirit Session in prayer and saying affirmations. During the one-on-one I used the bullet point cards just to keep on track but rarely read a bullet point verbatim.

I am so thankful Holy Spirit led me to The Voice for Love! I am looking forward to the next one! One of my many nephews is coming over this Sunday night.