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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

The Gift of the Bumps in the Road

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Have you been having a few more bumps in the road than usual, especially in terms of the economic status you may be experiencing? Maybe a little less hope in your life and feeling just a pure lack of inspiration? Are you worrying about something, having a little more fear and uncertainty than normal? The good news is, these feelings are actually great gifts! They remind us that we can choose again how we want to experience anything that is happening in our lives.

It’s especially common to hit some bumps in the road during the holiday season, with family visiting, different routines, many unresolved issues still lingering. And here’s the gift: Anything that you are aware of that’s pushing your buttons is an opportunity for you to re-examine your beliefs surrounding the issue and drop those that aren’t serving you anymore. We can begin to be thankful for all of these bumps in the road as huge signs or indicators that there’s another way to perceive the experience, not judging them as “bad” or “good,” just appreciating them all. When we discover this appreciation in our lives, it shifts us to a different perspective, through the perspective of Source.

This practice works no matter what religious background you may have. Because the truth is, there is only One Source from which everything came into existence, and no matter what label you put on this Source, it is still Source — a Consciousness of pure Love that created worlds and Universes. We are always connected to this Source of love, no matter what name you choose to give it. It is what gives us life, inspires us, gives us passion, joy, happiness, kindness, compassion, and great peace.

Yes, we created another way of thinking, the way of the Ego, but only so we could have the experience of what it would feel like to be separate from our Source. That’s all; nothing scary about Ego — it does a great job! But we can wake up and intentionally begin to choose to see and experience our lives through the eyes of Source that lives within us for all Eternity.

When we experience life through the eyes of Source, we are having a very uncommon life. We’re able to appreciate the bumps in the road because they give us more clarity about what we really and truly want or don’t want. Just like when we’re a little sick, we want to immediately feel a little better; and when we’re a lot sick, we want to feel a lot better. When you find yourself with no money, for example, instantly there is a desire of wanting more money. That is not a bad thing or a good thing. It is just the law of relativity that our Universe operates under. The beautiful thing is this: We have been given Free Will, the choice in every moment to choose whether we will experience this moment through the eyes of our Source, or through the eyes of Ego. It is always our choice. And true freedom is always a choice away.

It is this Source that is calling us to wake up right now, in this time, in this year, 2011, and to have the life that we were meant to experience when we were born into these human bodies. Now more than ever in the history of mankind, there is a gentle yet powerful awakening occurring in people from all walks of life. We are feeling a homesickness and an emptiness we are seeking to fill, and we are finally beginning to realize that this can only be quenched by choosing a different perspective in every experience, one that is more loving, more kind, more peaceful, more accepting, more honoring. This is our natural state of being. And that’s why it feels so good when we can see the world through the perspective of our Source, who is All Love.