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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

The Constancy of God’s Love

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Samantha: “I believe God brought the man I love into my life as a blessing. But when I started to value him over God, then God took him out of my life in order to teach me and grow me up. I truly care so much for this man and really pray that God will bring him back into my life. Perhaps God is withholding him until I grow more spiritually, and I know I should be patient and wait on God’s timing. I’ve even asked God to take the desire for him out of my heart, but I cannot seem to forget him. Is it wrong to ask God to bring him back into my life?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear Beloved, thank you for your beautiful question. It demonstrates several things. One is that you are willing to receive guidance from God on the subject of this man; and also that you are willing to receive the answers you desire in any way possible and available. Thank you for your trust and perfect faith! What a precious being you are – a divine being. Your being cannot truly be described, and so you may simply imagine vast love, vast openness and vast freedom, and you will begin to get the idea of your beingness.

“Please be willing to continue to turn this entire matter over to Spirit to handle. You will find that your feelings and thoughts will undergo a change over time. This will be due to your increased intention to release what is holding you. Spirit can only assist you to the degree you are willing to release and to change and evolve.

“Your feelings and thoughts will be your surest messengers, transmitting Spirit’s suggestions and inspirations. As new feelings arise and you acknowledge deeper and deeper levels of your innermost ideas and beliefs about Love itself, do not judge them or yourself. You are evolving rapidly and, as you have recognized, this relationship has been a gift.

“During your times of contemplation and meditation, allow your love for this man to arise in your heart. Then in prayer, intend this love to be offered in all innocence and gratitude to God. Ask that this love be purified and magnified for the purpose of healing and evolution of all. Then allow peace to enter your mind and heart. Breathe in the peace, love and gratitude.

Please know that God does not withhold love from you because of your love for another. God never withholds love. God only extends love, forever. God is always extending love to Himself – expressing in and through all of you. You are not a marionette with strings leading back to God. Your heart is always connected to God and your mind is actually His (your higher mind). But He is not directing you as a puppet.

“This is not to say that you cannot ask for guidance and direction in order to make the wisest and highest choices in your life. That is what your inner spiritual guide is for. Asking for guidance in all things is a beneficial habit, because it leads to the greatest soul expansion possible in each moment; the greatest opportunities to awaken. And the greatest joy. What kind of answers might you receive? Feelings – whether expansive or contracting – will always be a sure guide. Dreams can provide wonderful clues.

“Please do not release the love for this man – only attachments you may have to a certain outcome. Your love will be purified as you practice the prayer and allow your love to be given to God. Your feelings of freedom will increase dramatically, and you will find yourself more and more joyous.”