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The Calling of Souls by Trevor Uruski


Hi Everyone! One of our certification students just sent me this poem that he wrote. I loved it.

It’s called, “The Calling of Souls.” His name is Trevor Uruski.

Read it below. It’s beautifull. It will speak to your Soul!

I hear the calling of souls.
I feel their request.
They ask me to be a portal of remembering for them.
I notice the mind make it’s offering of fear.
Is this the arrogant characature which Ghandi warned me of?


How do I know?

Because I know they don’t need my help.
Because I know ‘they’ don’t exist.

Then who is beckoning the call?

I am.
I call to myself as them.
It is my voice I hear from them.
It is my soul presence within ‘them’ which now wishes to awaken to itself.

How is that not arrogance? Or worse – psychosis!

I know it is not either of those things because I know there is nothing there which could be proud, overbearing or confused.
There is nothing there which could be offended or oppressed.
Saying this does not deny existence,
It affirms it!
In two words it washes away that which looks and feels real but ultimatly is not.

I am.

And that which I am wishes to awaken to itself.
ALL of itself!

The part of me which fears the error of arrogance can continue offering it’s fear without reason or cause for all eternity.
I know that only by turning my back on it’s offerings do I free myself.
Only when I fully accept and own the thing itself can I simply be what I am.
Only when I accept that it was me who asked it to offer what it does, can I exist without needing to identify with it.
Only then do I fully realize that I exist without any identification at all.

I am.

And that which I am wishes to awaken to itself.
ALL of itself.
I hear my calling.
The calling of souls.
I will no longer give fear a home.
I will answer my call.
And my answer will be the same as it has always been.