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The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity: Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith

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Evolutionary Christianity.jpgI just heard about this new teleconference series called “The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity: Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith.” It’s totally free and it looks very interesting. I thought you would appreciate knowing about it and checking it out.

This teleseries (telephone & computer, not television) will feature 30 leaders/teachers in the nexus of science and religion, including two Nobel laureates, three Templeton Prize-winners, and more than two dozen others who exemplify by word and deed that religious faith can be positively strengthened and enriched by a science-honoring, evolutionary view of the world.

Some of the things they will talk about include:

• How scientific and historical evidence, interpreted meaningfully, can enhance our lives and faith.
• Inspiring ways to integrate heart and head, faith and reason.
• Compassionate responses to both those who reject science and those who reject religion.
• How an evolutionary view of human nature can validate and deepen our appreciation of scriptural and traditional wisdom.
• And more . . .

According to the host of the program, Michael Dowd, one of the goals of the series is to show America and the world the combative perspectives of both scriptural literalists at one extreme and the New Atheists at the other, both of which often garner all the media attention, are actually in the minority. Rather, those who embrace both evolution and faith, science and scripture, share values and perspectives crucial for these times — even while acknowledging (indeed, celebrating) their differences. The idea is: there is more that unites us than divides us.

The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity: Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith” teleseries will be announced to media outlets both nationally and internationally. They expect more than 20,000 people to register for this unique series. You can listen and participate live or experience the online audios later at your convenience.

I have personally signed on as a sponsor because I think it’s a great cause and will open up a lot of wonderful dialogue. I may even be one of the guests myself.

If any of this sounds interesting or inspiring, I encourage you to click one of the links on this page to sign up for this free tele-series. It should be pretty fascinating!


DavidPaul Doyle