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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

That Which is Never Lost

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Having just recently divested myself of most of my worldly possessions has taken its toll on me. The psychological and physical pains I have been experiencing are acute. Morning time is always easier for me as I experience some temporary relief and I find my pain to be less intense. For, in the mornings, my dog and I get to walk the mile around the beautiful lake near our home. Today we passed an old man, limping with a cane on his morning walk. As he passed me, he broke into song in a rich and lovely voice: “Oh what a beautiful morning…” and he continued to sing at top volume as he walked on and my heart joined him. I used to sing that song on my way home from grade school. It always lifted my heart.

Upon returning home, I sat down to meditate. I really needed Holy Spirit to give me some guidance about my deep sense of loss. The question that came to mind to ask was: “What does the Holy Spirit really feel like?” This question had been sitting in the background of my mind since a recent discussion with other staff members of The Voice for Love. Though I’ve never lacked the blessing of feeling Spirit’s presence when I take the time to do so, I realized that I had never considered how I feel this presence when not in meditation. Obviously, that is what Spirit wanted to draw my attention to and here is the list it gave me:

·       A gentle caress, hugging a sorrowful heart

·       A warm inner glow of love

·       A gentle breeze lifting the wings of a bird as it sours from a building

·       A gentle breeze that sooths your warm skin and provides relief from the heat of the sun

·       A moment of knowing of safety, no matter what

·       A blanket descending around you, to comfort and keep you safe

·       An intense appreciation for beauty in what you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste

·       The feeling of connection in a warm hug

·       The feeling of connection at a deep level with many others

·       The love of an adoring pet

·       The rosy glow that fills ones awareness as one speaks God’s Voice for another

·       The feeling of the presence of God

·       The gift from a stranger who breaks into song upon passing you

All these and many similar feelings are reminders of that Presence within, that Voice for Love, that Holy Spirit, which is ever a part of your reality.

Reflecting upon these things has helped me to realize that perhaps LESS is really much MORE; since it opens space in my everyday life to experience more of what really makes my heart sing.