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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Thanks Giving

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The attendant offered me a pair of peach-colored ear plugs. She instructed me to lie down on the hard table, and then added ear mufflers, to lower the impact of the sound of the MRI. She warned me not to move at all, and said the MRI should take only about 20 minutes. It was closer to 40 minutes, as it turned out. How does one not move at all, not even a little bit, for that long a time? I decided to spend my time meditating, by extending love to my thoughts, and put my old claustrophobia behind me.

Even with the ear muffling, the sound was loud. My first thought was fearful but, quickly and compassionately, massaged as I recalled my nature, as part of God’s love. As I extended love to each thought that crossed my mind, I suddenly became aware of the interesting variety of noises made by the MRI machine. The noise vibrated my insides, almost like being near a set of drums in a band. I extended love to all the vibrations as I felt each different pattern of noise. It was at that moment that my entire being was filled with a sense of gratitude, and I began to feel blessed by these moments of solitude, with an unusual symphony played by the machine.

I moved. My movement was a slight smile. My being was so enjoying the feeling of gratitude, and the awareness of all the creative beauty of every person who participated in conceiving of, building and administering the use of such a machine! When it was finally over, I gave thanks for my wonderful experience.

Indeed, there is no end to the creativity of the extension of God’s Love. Each of us lives that out, in ways we don’t often even notice, day in and day out. We are extensions of God’s Love, and our nature is to extend the love that we are. There are so many ways we have manifested that, and I had the distinct pleasure of experiencing one of them from the drumming within the guts of the MRI machine.

Gratitude is such a wonderful gift we give to ourselves! Giving thanks to our thoughts, for the privilege of enjoying everything in the wonderful carnival ride of our lives, is a very healing experience.