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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

When Intimacy is Lacking

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Wilson: “Please help me to understand my relationship with my wife. I would like to know how to assist her to love me in a way that allows for physical contact between us. I do not know if she was […]

I Want Abundance and Prosperity

Stephanie: “I recently lost my job and have not been successful at finding employment despite my education and experience. Because of this my fiance began to put me down and my parents belittled me. All I had was my hope […]

Why Can’t I Leave This Relationship?

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Moira: “I have been in a relationship with a drug addict and sex addict for four years. I want to leave him so I can lead a productive, clean and healthy life, but I find myself addicted to him. I […]

Learning to Relate to a Narcissistic Parent

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Bethany: “How do I deal with my narcissistic mother? Yesterday I asked my inner guidance and the answer I received was to pull all of my emotional energy out of this relationship. Would this serve my spiritual development? And if […]

Top 5 Relationship Mistakes That Hinder Lasting Love

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My friend, Carol Allen, is a Vedic relationship astrologer. We’ve had some amazing conversations over the years about finding a life partner that we are highly compatible with. Recently, she sent me these five relationships mistakes that get in the […]

How Can I Improve My Life?

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Rose: “For the past 25 years my life has gotten worse every year: financially, career-wise, even with friends and family relationships. What must I learn or do to change and improve my life? I am 52 and want to be […]

How Can I Release the Hurt that Blocks Me?

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Abigail: “I was abused and neglected growing up, and kicked out of home as a teenager. I am now 50 and although I have a few siblings I keep in touch with, I have always been an outsider in my […]

When the One You Love Deserts You

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Edwin: “What do you do when your mate, the one you love, dumps you and says she does not want you anymore? Yet you want her to be with you. What do you do in this circumstance?” The Voice for […]

Letting Go is True Forgiveness

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My lessons over the last half of my life have been escalating versions of what it means to let go. Our pending estate sale of most of what we own, inherited from over 3 generations and accumulated through a lifetime […]

Finding Peace in a Troubled Relationship

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Fran: “I was married before and my husband left. After 5 years, God brought a very good man into my life who was also divorced. We fell madly in love, and though we live a long distance apart, we fly […]